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I've searched for information but only find topics about which coilovers are better.
I'm interested in upgrading suspension but I have a few questions.
I want to drop my car about 2 inches, so I'd probably be looking at coilovers and a new front sway. I don't have any tools or anything though so I don't know if I should get coilovers (just for adjustability)
The thing I like is incase the drop is too low I can raise it, but i'd have no idea how to. I don't have any tools so I don't want to spend $40 at a shop each time I want to adjust height. How easy are coilovers to adjust? How do you know if all sides are even when you are adjusting too?
Also are they easy to damage? If I hit a pothole would the coilovers get damaged?
What I really want to know is is it worth the price for coilovers? I don't know how easy i will be able to adjust them or if its worth it for me.
Theres a GB on for weitec coils now so thats why I'm asking..
I really don't know if I should just go for a cupkit or buy shocks and springs or just spring (pardon the pun) for the coilovers
Any facts you guys can provide would be really helpful
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