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Suspension upgrade with 15" Wheels?

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I would like to upgrade my '01 Jetta 1.8T with Bilstein Sport Shocks/H&R Sport Springs with Neuspeed Front/Rear Sway bar. Should this be okay for my stock black steel wheel with the ugly hub cap over it hehe.
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Re: Suspension upgrade with 15" Wheels? (jiggyjames79)

Well it would be alot better, I would do suspension before getting wheels anyway.
Good luck!
Re: Suspension upgrade with 15" Wheels? (jiggyjames79)

I have a 40mm drop with the stock 15" alloys, don't worry it'll be okay http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Suspension upgrade with 15" Wheels? (jiggyjames79)

Not only wil it be OK it will still be better than it was before. The steelies are plenty strong and reasonably light. They just aren't very cool.
Many people use stock steel wheels in autocross and to good effect. Your 15" with tires are lighter than most 17" alloy wheels with tires. Thats not to say there aren't some light ones out there, but $$$$$$!
If you are looking for ultimate track handling buy a set of low profile performance tires that will fit your 15" rims. This gives you the benefits of a shorter sidewall and a MUCH lighter wheel set-up and smaller rolling diameter for better acceleration.
Get "pretty" wheels for the street where you don't care so much about the last fractions of a second.
Re: Suspension upgrade with 15" Wheels? (Rapt)

Also should I be worry about the oil pan because I've read on here that some people have lowered their cars and their oil pan had broke? So what do you think?
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