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SW Washington State Sigting

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Both were in Vancouver WA, well, Orchards to be exact. First was a car going across SR500 onto Gaer Rd. from Applebees over to by McDonalds, it was red waiting at the light and I passed in front of you... lister? Then, I was behind a green corrado on 500 in my dads car that had to stop at the light of 500/Gaer Rd. heading towards the mall.... again....lister?
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Re: SW Washington State Sigting (B(C)orrado)

I see 5-10 Corrados a day here... granted you're a bit farther South, but these people won't be on VWVortex. Constant sighting reports go unanswered for this reason. The car isn't that rare, it's much more rare that an owner would happen to use the VWVortex forums...
Re: SW Washington State Sigting (Syncronicity)

The Red one belongs to my roomates Friend. It is a POS. the interior has been beat to hell, and no, he is not on the Vortex. There are two green SLC's running around. ONe is owned be a lady that looks like she is in her late 30's and the other by a kid that is like 17 or something. But it is modded to hell. Tiny mirriors, wierd body kit, etc.
Re: SW Washington State Sigting (jacobyb)

it was a lady driving the green one
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