SW2 Tuning, Inc. is pleased to announce a special new vehicle: the 2016 VW Golf GTI SW2.

Faster around the track than a Mk7 Golf R and more aggressive even than the Euro-only GTI Clubsport, the GTI SW2 is the ultimate hot-hatchback. SW2 Tuning is positioning itself to become the industry's premier turn-key performance car tuner, and the GTI SW2 will be the first car to realize the potential of that goal.

The GTI SW2 is based on the Mk7 Golf GTI with Performance Package, and comprises a complete turn-key, package tuned vehicle, individually serial numbered and ready to be enjoyed by its owner. Available in Spec-S, Spec-R, and Spec-R Club forms, and encompassing a deep options list to suit the driving and/or detail-oriented enthusiast, the GTI SW2 is for the discerning and experienced driver; the meek need not apply.

The GTI SW2 is currently in its beta R&D and track-testing stage to ensure OEM levels of drivability and refinement. As the project progresses, follow GTI SW2’s development on SW2 Tuning’s blog , which is documenting the R&D stage every step of the way.

In related news, SW2 Tuning’s performance tuning parts division, currently found at SW2tuning.com will be rebranded in the coming months as “SW2 Tuning Warehouse,” maintaining its current tuning parts catalog of over 200 brands. Some very exciting and exclusive brands will be added to the roster soon, thanks to the partnerships being formed with the GTI SW2 project.

Check back weekly for more on the GTI SW2 project.