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swap engine code please help me

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i have some code on my passat 1,8t engine in a mk2 , i want to remove the more i can some if you have some tricks please let me know and i have a really big problem as soon my car lost is traction on the road the boost drop ...
the code are:
18057 missing message for abs controller
17931 crash signal form airbag controller: implaussible signal
17834 evap purge valve:eek:pen circuit
17881 evap leak detection pump:eek:pen circuit
18084 epc warnign lamp(k132)circuit elctrival malfunction
18098 malfunction indication light (k83) electrical malfunction
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Re: swap engine code please help me (remuz2fly4u)

Your using the Motronic engine management from the passat in your mk2? Props to you if that's the case
The evap codes can probably be cured by using resistors in the harness plugs that go to them, but what values you would need i'm not sure. As far a the ABS controller goes I think it's a data stream so it would be pretty impossible to trick without installing the abs controller.
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Re: swap engine code please help me (remuz2fly4u)

i think the 4 first are not a big problem but what is the two last and why when i istalled the upsolute chip i cant put the pedal to the floor because when i start to feel the power the car drop is boost and if i want to continue i have to release the pedal....
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