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What I am reading here...

You are asking about the proper length of the rear and front sway bars.
You mention that there are kits with longer rear vs. front sway bar; you also mention understeer.

Uneducated thought... why would the length of the bar ever change? Depending on the kit you purchase for the rear, it is mounted on the beam and terminate at the bottom of the strut. In the front, it is mounted to the subframe and terminates at the endlinks that connect to your control arm. I do not see an opportunity to change the length. Especially in the rear as everything is mounted to the rear beam that would not be impacted no matter how you change the height of the car.

Are you actually asking about the length of the endlinks that connect to the front control arms? I did some like internet reading this morning and there are options for stock vs. lowered cars.

Perhaps you are asking about diameter of the anti-sway bars... bigger diameter means more control of body roll. Naturally, there is a balance of front vs. rear. Back in the MK1 days, I ran no front anti-sway and used a 22mm rear... this reduced understeer and actually introduced some off throttle oversteer (to help rotate the car).

I can't help you with what diameter anti-sway bar to run front vs. rear.

Just starting this conversation to ensure I understand what you're asking. Perhaps I am about to learn more about anti-sway bar length options on the MK4 platform.

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