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Swiss Cheese! mmm...

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Just drilled about 8 or so 1/2" holes in the fender side of my airbox and 6 in the front... all below the filter... I notice a slight difference in sound....
how many holes have you all drilled?
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Re: Swiss Cheese! mmm... (t.o.golf3)

just cut a huge hole on it, or a couple
thatll take care of flow
Re: Swiss Cheese! mmm... (golfgen3)

I took a roto-zip and chopped my whole fender side of the airbox off, and used screen from a patio screen door to make a pre-filter to keep all the big junk out, it sounds wicked! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Woohoo, 800 posts
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Re: Swiss Cheese! mmm... (MOMO Vento 96)

i drilled every part possible on my box, then i dremelled a 3" hole and made a custom ram air setup http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif sounds MEAN!
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Re: Swiss Cheese! mmm... (MrVrSix)

best pic i've seen is about 20 1" holes all on the fender side...
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