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Switching to a 90amp alt.

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Ok, I'm going to take the Bosch 90amp alt. I've got laying around and put it in my new A1 GTI daily driver. I've got the harness, but I can't remember which terminal the extra wire goes on, the D or the W. Also, where do I hook this into the current harness? The car has a Motorola alt. on it now (smoked diodes).
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Re: Switching to a 90amp alt. (millerwj)

Got it (it's the D+). I just gotta say, replacing the alt. in a Rabbit w/ A/C has got to one of the most PITA jobs going. I'd like to find the guy that designed the A/C bracket and make him change about 10 of them!!!

BTW, I've seen Rabbits w/ the A/C on the bottom. Anybody know where to get one of those brackets???
Re: Switching to a 90amp alt. (millerwj)

I know that in my Girlfriends Cabriolet (1982?) It has the A/C at the bottom if that helps!
Re: Switching to a 90amp alt. (millerwj)

I think 1985 and later to 1993 I think cabriolets, jetta, golf, and 8v sicrocco's I am not sure about the 16v have the sankyo 508 air conditioning compressor. They also have the 90 amp alternator. The alternator is mounted on top with the compressor on bottom. You can get the brackets from one of those cars. I used one from a 1985 jetta on my 81 pick-up and it works fantastic. I also have one on my 82 rabbit and have another bracket waiting to go on my 84 GTI as soon as I figure out which turbo engine I am gonna put in it. This set up is much easier to work on and is also lighter by several pounds. Be sure to get the hoses as well. I got all of my stuff from a junk yard real cheap.
Re: Switching to a 90amp alt. (GTIZRX)

Ok, I'll start looking for one. Good to know that I need to get the AC hoses too!
Thanks! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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