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Syncro Suspension . . . (For those of you with Syncro cars/transplants)

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I tried the search and couldn't find anything. (maybe I searched under the wrong criteria. But anyways) I'm wondering if I got a syncro conversion onto my Mk3, how could I better my suspension? Like I'm thinking that stuff like Shine, H&R, Weitec, etc Mk3 VR6 kits are designed for just that - FWD Mk3s w/VR6s. But since the Syncro system would be a tad different, would I have to change anything?
Any principles in general in upgrading performance for a 4WD car?
TIA guys
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Re: Syncro Suspension . . . (Groundskeeper)

Good question, I'd like to know the answer to this one too!!
Re: Syncro Suspension . . . (imaradiostar)

I have a set of H&R syncro springs. If you use them with your front housings and an A1 Height adjustable rear shock it works fine.
The springs are FS BTW.
Re: Syncro Suspension . . . (Groundskeeper)

i have a set of h&r mk3 syncro coilovers that are supposed to go on my corrado.
i may sell them to get something else, though, so i can have more adjustability for the track.
they're still in the box, though, and they cost $1200...
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