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t3/t4 bigger exhaust?

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Anyone have any thoughts on running a 4" exhaust with the t3/t4 setup?
Will be a full custom with a side exit, after looking closely under my car and taking some measurements I think it may be possible. Would there be any benefits?
I know the Dp couldn't really be any bigger than 3" though maybe 3.5 might just squeeze in there.
Just an idea.......
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Re: t3/t4 bigger exhaust? (DaBlackJetta)

DBJ I have to admit I drool at your system but I am putting all my money into the t3/t4 setup, will need to add an LSD, better drive shafts, plus I want Adrenalins nitrous setup also, I know I am greedy, this is why I am looking at doing a custom setup, and why I was wondering if 4" would give me more.
Truth be said when it comes to car stuff I am a bit of a dummy, I just know how to drive it. Thats why I give all my money to some one else and let them do the work. But hey in the imortal words of Benny Hill " learning all the time "

Feed me Feed me I need to know more LOL
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