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tACH jumping up and down

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my buddy has 1986 jetta 16v and his tach is out of its mind.
VW mech. said it was the computer.
any ideas?
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Re: tACH jumping up and down (SALVO82)

mine jumped when i was changing my spark plugs and didnt have the plug in right, so maybe something isnt firing right???... sorry if it isnt much help..
The wire at the coil could be loose. Or the coil could be faulty.
Re: tACH jumping up and down (SALVO82)

It might be a vaccum leak...mine was surging pretty badly and I replaced one of the boots on the fuel injection system...that seemed to be the problem
Re: tACH jumping up and down (IntrstlarOvrdrve)

the engine isnt jerking the tach is just out of its mind
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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