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Rules of the event:
1. Stay on your side of the ROAD
2. Don't out drive yourself
3. Be courteous to all
4. Be there or be square. We are not waiting around for stragglers. This is not fair to anyone at all.
We will give small safety meetings before each organized run. You know, just to recap for the hardheads. Anyone going on solo runs or with a friend should do the same..
If someone should become a Drastic scare, or blantant reckless individual, we will ask them to part from the group. If that don't work we'll froward video to the highway patrol

We have no intentions or acceptance of ANY dangerous actions within the group.
We DO have intentions of having a great time http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Thursday April 8th:
---Arrivals / Check in
---BEGINNERS END night runs-------9pm, 11pm on and on til you drop
Friday April 9th:
---8-9am Breakfast at the lodge
---9-5pm free time, Rest during day, explore, preparations at the lodge for the organizers, solo runs on the Dragon!
---Arrivals still coming in.
---12:00 pm lunch at Deals Gap pub and grill
---1:30 pm Day walkers Dragon run
---5-9pm Bon-fires going on "Meet & Mingle Social" @ the Fontana ballfields.
---5-5:30pm Ball field parking "Pop the hood"
---PEARLY GATES night runs -----9pm, 11pm, so on and so on.

Saturday April 10th:
---8-9am Breakfast at the lodge
---9:00 - 9:30 gather up and meet at Fontana Dam for pic and Sound off, personal time, solo runs
---10 - 5 pm Big Drive organized by Grant (Gdown). Lunch stop of course.
---6pm RBQ
---7pm introductions, sponsor recognition, Raffle "stage time"
---FUGITIVE BRIDGE night runs on the Dragon ------ 9pm, 11pm, on and on

Sunday April 11th:
---9:30 breakfast together at the lodge
---10:30 drive out through the dragon for me and those who would like to follow that way. Not on the way for many.
Place: Fontana Village We have 100 expected and reserved rooms. Tapico is still closed and we have made arrangements to keep the group together at the Fontana lodge.
A few reminders about the area:
-Cell service is spotty at best - do NOT plan to rely on your cell for coordination or communication. It will fail you and you will utter words that women and children should not hear.
-Fontana Village is LARGE - we have arranged for a combo of rooms and cabins to be set aside for our group - enough to sleep over 100, as that is our estimated attendance. If we end up going higher than that with attendance, we will handle that as needed. This allotment has been set up for us with a group rate, so when you call to book your room, let them know you are with the "R32 Group 2010", as that is what is listed on the contract they provided to us. If you decide to be in a cabin, I suggest you ask to be grouped in an area with others from our group, the closer to the lodge, the better.
Last year we were pretty spread out, but we did not really know what to expect at that location. This year we are armed with venue experience, so we can be grouped more together which makes everything easier on everyone.
Now the deets:

You can reach the Village for reservations by phone only, and that number is here for your convenience: 800-849-2258. They do have a website, but there is no method to reserve a room via the site. Should you wish to peruse the site, just click here...
The rates that we were able to negotiate are a bit cheaper than last year:
Lodge Rooms are available for $79/night. You have the choice between one King Bed or two Queen Beds in your room.
Cabins are available in two flavors:
Two Bedroom, One Bathroom Cabins are available for $109/night
Three Bedroom, Two Bathroom Cabins are available for $249/night
We set the dates for our trip based on the fact that other clubs have also begun their planning stages. At the moment we are the only group hitting the Dragon on this particular long weekend. That may change as we have no control over the plans of others... With that being the case, we cannot stress enough that the sooner you book, the better. Sooner will equal better grouping for all of us, and sooner will ensure that if we do go over our projected numbers, we will all fit at Fontana.

******There is a cut-off date to get the group rate. You must have your room booked by March 12, 2010*****

So get on it folks! The time is approaching. Might as well be February. Lets face it, February is a SHORT month, so it barely counts... That puts into "almost March" time frame, which might as well be the beginning of April...
Website We made a little website for those who would not like to wade through the threads for official information.
R32 ToD 2010 Website
Be sure to check out the website for the official details as the Threads get a lot of traffic.
We are still looking for sponsors
Post up if you plan to attend!
List of those in: Bolded means the Hotel is reserved
1. Mooney +1 (MD) +1 motorcycle friend MKIV R32
2. Gdown (TN) MKIV R32
4. Harepower (TN) MKIV R32
5. VwtechR32 (PA) MKIV R32
6. OrlandoR (FL) MKIV R32
7. websaabn (TX) MKIV R32
8. r32dub88 (NH) MKIV R32
9. willRr (NY) MKV R32
10. willbarnes2 +1 (VA) MKV R32 (Sponsor)
11. PSU (PA) MKV R32
12. ValleyGTI (VA) MC40 Mini
13. turbogti03 (GA) MKIV R32
14. TRR32Andrew (MD) MKIV R32
15. Zprime (OH) MKV R32 (need to protect him from Hotdog453)
17. JCstomper (PA) MKIV R32
18. GrayGTI05 (IL) MKV R32
19. C0peXXX (FL) MKIV R32
20. Jettacabby (GA) MKIV R32
21. Adcockman (FL) MKIV R32 turbo
22. Brue32 (GA) MKIV R32
24. GotSol (GA) MKV R32
25. xBr80Bx +1
26. michael B (GA) MKV R32
27. bigred32 +1 (MD) MKV R32
28. abe 1.8t (IL) MKV R32
29. agentMaddock (WV) MKIV GTI
30. Hotdog453 (OH) EVO X
31. Arrrr!32 (bicycle, watch him) (NC)
32. Benyates (FL) MKIV R32 (no bids on this Spot, he locked it)
33. pankopp (GA) MKIV R32
34. BMPR32vw (TX) MKIV R32
35. RRRRR32 (OH) MKV R32
36. shinnersvr6 (FL) MKIV R32
37. BACK2VW +1 (NC) MKV R32
38. R32ick (VA) MKIV R32
39. r-dub (MO) MKV R32
40. OettingerGTI +1 (NJ) MKIV R32
41. VdubyaVR6 (WV) MKIV R32
42. CSlowR32 (NJ) MKV R32
43. Carchrism5 (CT) MKV R32
44. rabbitgtibbar (MD) MKIV R32
45. rajuncajun37 (TX) MKIV R32
46. danielescobarg (FL) MKV R32
47. rjdubtuner (NY) MKIV R32
48. GeorgeM (VA) MKV R32
49. MatadoR32 (VA) MKIV R32
50. aaonms (FL) MKIV R32
51. omi_r32 (VW) Shotgun Rider
52. R32Freddie +1 (NJ) MKIV R32
53. Pin2win (OH) MKIV R32
54. Reserved for jarturo
55. Aureus1 +1 (MA) Mustang
56. BigByrd (??) ??
57.+ g60_corrado_91 (IL) MKV GTI
58. Raevyn (VA) MKIV R32
59. .:RPDash (GA) MKIV R32
60. the4928R (IN) MKV R32
61. oldracer +1 (FL) MKV R32
62. TN.:RThirtyTwo (TN) MKV R32
63. Austrian Beauty (SC) MKIV R32
64. SEE YA (SC) (watch out, just got licensed)
65. OOOPs1714 (NC) ??
66. 802 R32 (VT) MKIV R32
67. Basil Fawlty (Fl) MKIV Golf
68. Rubba dub dub (MD) MKIV R32
69. blue.:32s (KY) MKIV R32
70. DubR32G (TX) MKIV R32
72. sleeper A60 (NY) MKIV R32
73. JohnsonGTI +1 (DE) MKIV GTI
75. graymalkin2 (MD) MKV GTI
76. breane24 (SC) MKIV R32
77. vwsparky (FL) S4
78. sareth (Al) MKV R32
79. BlauTreg (VA) MKV R32
80. DBCPerformance (TX) GTI (Berk = whitehorse) (Bryan = Blackhorse)
81. Cody Maverick (DE/MD/PA) MKIV R32
82. Mike Solo (PA/NJ) MKIV R32
83. LooseFalcon
84. Maddawg007
85. GreichenR32 (NY) MKIV R32
86. Mr. italia (NY) ????
87. schwung (SC) MKV R32
88. Jedhead (TN) MKIV R32
89. Casco +2 (FL) MKV R32
90. sharpiegti (MO) MKIV GTI
91. michaelmark5 (Ontario Canada) MKV R32
92. Capn_T_Bagger (NC) ??
93. mk3gtidriver +1 (FL) MKIV R32
94. euro-tuner (NH) A4
95. 2004s2k (Ga) S2000??
97. blake261 (MA) S4
98. meechelle (MA) MKV GTI
99. VW_IS_life (MA) MKIV R32
100. jetta_iv_8v (MA) ????
101. bee7 (VA) MKV R32
102. ADK R32 (NY) RS4
103. dubnick32 (IL) MKV R32
104. Vidiot (MD) MKV R32
105. TonyWhats (NY) MKV R32
106. vdub_jetta (IL) MKIV R32
107. TwoSaints (TX) M3
108. HPAmotorsports1 (Canada) Decathlon TT R32

109. wrh3 (GA) M3 coupe
110. M6cabrio (NC) M6
111. Think-ur-fast +1 (VA) GTI
112. Vooska (NJ) MKIV R32
114. penclnck (TN) MKIV R32 and TDI wagon
115. C2Motorsports (KY) Both Gen R32 Turbo's
116. Skela (TX) MKIV R32 Blackjack Turbo
118. MikeyB3 (NH) B5 S4

119. Cody (VA) 87 Scirocco (WillBarnes Son)
120. Kman Veedub Guy (Fl) MKIV R32
121. JagerAuto (??) MKI Cabby 16v
122. VRptstyly (NJ) MKIV R32
123. MirsadR32 (KY) MKIV R32
124. Doedrums +1 (??) MKIV R32
126. luckeydoug1 (OH) MKV R32
127. KingVR (FL) '05 TT
128. talktojie (CT) MKV R32
129. RSC89 (OH) MKV R32
130. GrkA4 (PA) MKV R32
131. flynscot63 +1 (NC) MKV R32
132. DUSlider +10 (VWOC) GTI's and Golfs

Past threads I could find.

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Re: Tail of the Dragon 2010....official announcement!!! (Harepower)

I am in http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Tail of the Dragon 2010....official announcement!!! (websaabn)

IN! i've been waiting for this since April 27th 2009. So pumped. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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YESSIR!!! Let the games begin! I love that the planning stage, the event and the aftermath make up about the best 7 months of the year for me...

...to get the gears turning:

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Re: FV-QR (M00NEY)

Looks like I know when I will be scheduling my vacation from work this year. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: FV-QR (jcstomper)

Quote, originally posted by jcstomper »
should be able to do this.. i need a new suspension before i go though lol

Awe now, I've been running stock there for years with no issues
But to be honest I do have new OEM suspension I will install shortly. Balls are the choice upgrade the Dragon slaying requires

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Re: Tail of the Dragon 2010....official announcement!!! (slimmy420)

Im in again for next year http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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theres about 5 more guys from the Miami FL area making the trip with me as well. Ill confirm with them in the coming days to be sure and Ill shoot a PM.
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