Although we recently found out that Tanner Foust and Cabot Bigham will be racing side by side in this season’s America’s Rallycross championship, we didn’t know what the cars would look like. Thanks to a tweet from ARX, though, we now have an idea.

Releasing two pictures, one of Bigham’s and one of Foust’s Beetle, the series gave us a tease of what we can expect.

The presents are here, they just need to be wrapped 😎 #ARX #Rallycross #TeamCooperTire
— Americas Rallycross (@ARXRallycross)
23, 2019[/URL]

Foust appears to be returning to his sponsor-approved Rockstar black and yellow livery albeit with a new twist. Though the picture of the hood doesn’t reveal much, the livery blueprint does.
With R branding around the whole car and a new caution-tape-style pattern on the bumpers, this year’s livery should be easy to pick out from last year’s. It also suggests that Volkswagen R is looking to draw attention to itself, which we hope means they have new reasons to draw attention to themselves.

Cabot Bigham’s new car, meanwhile, features his Big Ham logo, as well as a second tone on the bumpers, though we can’t see much more than that.

We look forward to seeing the liveries fully unveiled ahead of this season’s racing, which starts in July.