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*I opened this thread on the Corrado forum but didn`t get the right feedback. Maybe we can settle and find out here which is the LAST VW Sport Coupe.
*This Q came out cuz the Sales manager @ my VW dealer told me it`s not the Corrado (the last) He told me it is the BEETLE!?!?
I almost punched his knee when he said that but oh well that`s the guys own way of thinking.
*So let see here maybe we can answer this Q?


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Re: Taken from Corrado Forum>>> CORRADO: Is it the LAST VW SPORT CO ... (djrado)

Quote, originally posted by dictionary.com »

1. A closed four-wheel carriage with two seats inside and one outside.
2. also coupe A closed two-door automobile.

How do you define what kind of car is sporty or not?
HP? Curbweight? Presence of an oem wing? FWD, AWD, RWD?
Cause the beatle would seem to fit the definition of a coupe as well as a Corrado.
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