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Hello Boys/Girls..
Me and the gf will be landing in St.Pete's tomorrow morning for a week of relaxing in the Tampa Bay/St.Pete's area (staying at her parent's condo for free
). Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what to do while there. Specifically we are wondering where to go at night. I know that where we live (Toronto, Canada) we have a whole section of the city called the clubbing district and I'm wondering if there's an area of T.Bay/St.Pete's that would be similar. Just looking for some slightly upper scale clubs with some good rnb, hip hop, house, etc and a diverse crowd, not super expensive. We will also be in Orlando at some point so same question there.
Thanks in advance!!
PS. Also if someone can reccommend the best area to hang out during the day, it would be much appreciated as well (basically a beach where we can chill and rollerblade, maybe shop, etc..)

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