One of the reasons that Volkswagen’s dominance in rally was so great is that the team genuinely seemed to be having fun. Despite Germany’s well earned reputation for mirthless efficiency, the guys behind Volkswagen’s rally team took the time to add mirth on their YouTube channel.

Now that the rally team has been disbanded, it’s time to take a look back at the five best videos they produced.

German Joke

Before each rally, the team released videos that gently poked fun at national stereotypes. Although there were many amusing examples, this German anti-joke is the funniest.

Office Chair

More than just silly videos about national perceptions, there were also silly jokes about rallies, like this one ahead of Rally France.

My Turn

Volkswagen Rally the World was at its best when it was deadpan. Four time world champion co-driver Julien Ingrassa plays this one perfectly straight.

Thomas Muller

As Germany’s rally team, Volkswagen Motorsport also had  access to some of Germany’s biggest stars, like Bayern Munich striker, Thomas Muller. This video has him competing against Sebastien Ogier in a penalty shootout. Ogier’s skill is without a doubt massively impressive, but the goalie’s courage is what really amazes. I’m surprised he can walk carrying around soccer balls like those.

Bullet Time

Finally, the channel also highlighted just how lovely and fast the Polo R WRC was, like in this slow-mo video from Finland 2015.