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TCM (Tranismission Control Module) Reflash

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Just bought my 2002 Jetta GL yesterday and the tranny is messed up. When the car shifts DOWN from 3rd gear to 1st, I hear a loud thunk. Went to the dealer and they told me I need to have the TCM reflashed. They refused to give me new car and said that all 2.0's have this problem. Is this true?
Anyone else have this problem? Did the problem completely go away after the reflash?
How could this happen!?
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Re: TCM (Tranismission Control Module) Reflash (Bayerische)

My TDI has started doing this recently at around 44K. I'm not so much worried about the noise as I am curious about how to reflash the TCM. I feel like it is causing some issues. DO they techs actually have the equipment to do this?
Re: TCM (Tranismission Control Module) Reflash (Bayerische)

Have them reflash the TCM. If the problem goes away, so does your issue/concerns.
Re: TCM (BostonMk4)

I dont think I have encounted this on the wife's Mk IV Golf ... almost 33K miles and nearing three years.
Re: TCM (Tranismission Control Module) Reflash (Bayerische)

What was the solution / outcome of this??
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