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I am about to do the chip tuning on my 1.9 TDI PD 130PS. There is a well-known company in my country which does it for 250 euros, and I completely trust in their competency. The engine would have 162 HP, and they guarantee that the map keeps the ECO limits and safety measures etc...

On the other side I can buy the popular Galletto 1260 chip tuning cable with program and a DVD with a few thousand maps, which costs 35 euros, and do the remap myself.

So considering the fact that the chip tuning company that I have mentioned is well rated, and popular, and proven as very good, and the fact than not anyone could do the chip tuning even if he had equipment etc… the price of the company’s service is quite big.
But the price of Galletto 1260 is too low.
What do you think, can in the assortment of maps, that Galletto offers, be found some enough good to keep the engine in ECO limits, and give more HPs, other words could I find there the map with enough quality, as I could get if I let the Company do the chip?
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