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ok so i have done 2 tdi timmign belts.. one on a 98 mk3, then one on this kids dad's 01/02 mk4..
no issues with either fo them.. went like cake yada yada..
so i was asked if i would be interested in doing a mk4 00 dti timing belt..
so today i go out.. it had 1 belt prior that was "marked and prayed" the last time.. i look at the marks.. compair them to factory marks.. life is good.. makes it easy for the fuel pump...
well this pos will nto start to save my arss.. LOL.. everythign is plugged in so on so fourth.. it acts liek th efuel pump is 180* off, but via marks and where pin goes its a titch advanced.. i even tried loosening said bolts and made it to where ti was not advanced, then even tried advancign it more.. nada.. nothing..
loosened the injector lines.. fuel squirts out..
pull start it nada..
what i need is a photo of the pully off the fuel pump to compair the pin where its supposed to go.. anyone got one?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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