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TDI upgrades???

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hey, ive had my TDI for 7 months now, comteplating getting a chip/intake and exhaust in the spring, but i got a few questions....
what are the HP/Torque at the wheels with those mods?....
Smoke levels
also, there is talk about BOV and diverter valves for the GTI's, can a TDI also get BOV's and diverter valves.....i just want to make my turbo louder

if u can help in anyway, please do
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Re: TDI upgrades??? (Zuber Speed)

neither of those will work with a TDI. Best power for a TDI comes from an UP chip.
Re: TDI upgrades??? (landrumdh)


do u know how to make the turbo louder?
Re: TDI upgrades??? (Zuber Speed)

One word......
Re: TDI upgrades??? (Zuber Speed)

Also put on a Piper-X cone. The OEM airbox is quiet compared to the growel you get from the cone.
Re: TDI upgrades??? (Craig)

i've tried both.. and hate it.. I keep complaining how loud the TDi engine is.. hm.. but em, yah.. I agree that adding the cone really makes the turbo spool audible, but personally.. i didn't like it much and sold it shortly after.
the chip is the best bang for the buck.. but do keep in mind your clutch is gonna go soon after the chip, and immediately if you decide to go with chip + box.
the stock clutch just sucks....
mine's slipping a little too, and i'm easy on it.
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Re: TDI upgrades??? (howing)

thats cool,
but how much does a 130hp TDI clutch kit go for?
Re: TDI upgrades??? (Zuber Speed)

Tazz Tazzman will be MC at a gtg in December near Weston and 403 (?). Go to that. Hang around the tdiclub.com again.
Re: TDI upgrades??? (TDI ESEL)

is that in Canada???
Re: TDI upgrades??? (howing)

My Canada doesn't include Weston and 403. There's a Weston and 401

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