Knowing the hype surrounding its first EV is hot, Porsche has once again released teaser images of the upcoming Taycan.

Although the production model won’t debut until this September, likely at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the latest teaser images provide the clearest look yet at the electric car’s design. Although what Porsche has revealed is dramatically different and toned down from the  sketches that were released a few days ago , the images still show that there is a lot to be excited about.

The latest teaser images show the Taycan wrapped in a neon camouflage with a design and silhouette we can only describe as a four-door 911. The front end looks far too reserved, in our opinion. We were hoping for something more aggressive and less traditional Porsche, which is decidedly conservative in the design department.

From the photos, we can see that the Taycan will likely have a 911-inspired tail light bar that expands the entire width of the rear, and it also looks like it might feature a deployable spoiler. As expected, the Taycan will arrive with traditional sedan doors and not the rear-hinged coach doors featured on the Mission E concept car.

Porsche has responded to the high demand for the Taycan by increasing its production output. The German automaker says over 20,000 people have already signed up and paid a deposit to purchase a Taycan when it launches in late 2019.

The Taycan will be capable of 800V fast charging, a 0-62 mph acceleration time of under 3.5 seconds, and have a driving range of more than 310 miles. A Cross Turismo version of the Taycan (a jacked up wagon, in Porsche parlance), is expected to begin production by the end of 2020. Porsche also recently announced that the next-generation Macan crossover will be available as a pure EV.

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