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TECH: Complete 2.0 ABA spec list

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:wave:[NOTE: Many sections have partial data. Please refer to bottom of page for sources and and links]

I knew a lot of people ask general questions over and over on here, so I thought it would be a good idea to put everything I can into one giant list and (possibly) make it a sticky. If you find any information incorrect, or if you can think of anything to add, please do so, I will update this thing as much as possible.

Huge thanks to tdogg74 and Dan for a lot of this hard to find info, and thanks to Sky-Fi for the vast majority of the PN's


[ $ = OBD I information has not yet been collected ]
[ $$ = OBD II information has not yet been collected ]
[ *** = information has not been verified by any technical data or a reliable source ]


General (w/5 speed manual transmission)

Motor: 2.0L (1984 cc) I4 SOHC 8V Fuel Injected (121.071 cu in)
Engine code: ABA
HP: 116.6 PS (115 bhp) (85.8 kW)
Hp Peak: 5400 rpm
Torque: 122 ft/lbs
Torque peak: 3200 rpm
Unitary capacity: 496 cc per cylinder
0-60 mph: 10.60 seconds
1/4 mile : ???
Top Speed: 124 mph (200 km/h)
Power-to-weight: 104.83 bhp/ton
Hp per liter: 58.97
Firing order: 1-3-4-2
Engine idle speed: 800-880 rpm ; (with a/c on 830-910 rpm)

1992-1995 = OBDI
1996-1999.5 = OBDII

:wave:[Note: there are 2 different ABA blocks: squirter or non-squirter. you have to drop your oil pan to figure out which one you have. ]

bottom end internal parts / measurements

Block height: 236mm
Bore: 82.50 mm (3.25 in)
Stroke: 92.80 mm (3.65 in)
Bore/stroke ratio : 0.89
Compression: 10:1
Compression height: 30.9mm


Part Number: 037 198 401 C
Rod journal: 48mm
Rod Type: Forged
Rod length: 159mm
Wrist pin: 21mm

:wave:[Note: there are 3 different "shapes" of ABA pistons, I have provided the link to explain the difference. LINK - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?3875757-OBDI-vs-OBDII-ABA-engines]

Part Number: 037 107 065 N / 037 107 065 M
Piston type: Cast
Piston dish: 14.61


Part Number: 053 105 101 K
Crank : Steel forged
Type: Short Nose with Crankshaft Trigger

Part Number:
Crank: Cast
Type: Short Nose with Crankshaft Trigger

Oil Pump

Part Number: 027 115 105 B
Oil pump: 79mm
Oil pump sprocket: 44T
Oil pump gear length: 36mm
Oil pump bolt: 8x90mm
Operating oil pressure: 29psi minimum ( @ 2000 Rpm, oil temperature 176 degrees F)
:wave:[note: Oil pressure not verified, these are the numbers shown on MY PERSONAL jetta's oil pressure gauge]

top end internal parts / measurements

:wave:[NOTE: OBDI and OBD II heads are interchangeable]

Part Number: ObdI 037 103 351 M / ObdII 037 103 351 N / Califonia 037 103 351 P
Head type: crossflow
head gasket: 4-layer metal
head gasket layer thickness top to bottom: 0.009", 0.040", 0.004", 0.009".
Total thickness: 0.062"


Camshaft woodruff key: N 012 708 2

Part Number: 048 109 101 D
Camshaft measured @ .050"
Advertised Duration: None
Duration @ .050": 211*/212*
Valve Lift: .400"
Lift @ TDC: $
Centerlines: 113.2* / 113.8*
Lobe Center: 113.5*
Valve Timing: -7.7/38.7 - 39.8/-7.8
Valve Overlap: -15.5*
In open @ .050": 7.7° BTDC

Part Number: 050 109 101 A
Camshaft measured @ .050"
Advertised Duration: None
Duration @ .050": 210*/210*
Valve Lift: .417"
Lift @ TDC: ($$)
Centerlines: 110.8* / 109.2*
Lobe Center: 110*
Valve Timing: -5.8/35.8 - 34.2/-4.2
Valve Overlap: -10*
In open @ .050": 7.7° BTDC

Valve springs

Part Number: 078 109 633 A
Valve spring type: Dual rate
Valve spring maximum lift: .450"
Valve Spring Installed Height: ($)
Valve spring compressed height: ($)

Part Number: 078 109 623 c
Valve spring type: Single rate
Valve spring maximum lift: .432"
Valve Spring Installed Height: 1.400" (+/- .005")
Valve spring compressed height: .945" (+/- .005")


Part Number intake: 037 109 601 E / 078 109 601 E
Part Number exhaust: 037 109 611 B / 048 109 611 B
Intake: 39.5mm
Exhaust: 33mm
Stem: 7mm

Valve Spring Keepers

Keeper Part Number: 021 109 651 (for 1 single half)

Valve Spring Retainers

OBDI Retainer: 021 109 641 c
OBDII Retainer: 078 109 641 c

Exterior motor parts / measurements


Bosch part number: 0-280-150-955
Fuel injector type: Top mount
Fuel injector CC/Min: 176
Fuel injector Grams/Min: 126.6
Fuel injector flow rate: 16.75
Fuel injector pressure: 36.25 PSI
Fuel injector impedance: High 12-16Ω

Fuel Rail

Part Number: 06A 133 317 R
Fuel rail inlet: passenger side
Fuel rail inside diameter: ($ / $$)
Fuel rail spacing: 88 mm between 1 and 2; 45mm between 2 and 3; 88mm between and 3 and 4

Throttle body

Bore: 2.4"
Throttle plate: 2.22"
OBD I: includes Dashpot and idle stabilization valve
OBD II: Integrated throttle position switch (replacing the I.S.V. and Dashpot)

Intake Manifold

:wave:[NOTE: OBDI External ISV attached to the exterior of the upper manifold.]

(Lower Intake)
Part Number:037 133 206 C
Lower runner length: 6.2" long
Port inside diameter: 32.5mm (head side)
Port inside diameter: 34.5mm (opening connecting to upper manifold)
Single runner volume: 150cc

(Upper Intake)
Part Number: 037 133 201 AQ
Port inside diameter: ($)
Runner length: ($)
Plenum Volume: ($)

:wave:[NOTE: OBDII upper manfold included vanes immediately forward of where the individual ports begin.]

(Lower Intake)
Part Number:037 133 206 C
Lower runner length: 6.2" long
Port inside diameter: 32.5mm (head side)
Port inside diameter: 34.5mm (opening connecting to upper manifold)
Single runner volume: 150cc

(Upper Intake)
Part Number: 037 133 203 T
Port inside diameter: 34.25mm (opening connecting to lower manifold)
Runner length: 3.875"
Plenum Volume: 1.8L

Exhaust Manifold
:wave:[Note: Some 1995 models will have OBDII exhaust manifolds]

Part Numbers: 037 253 031 AP (Early Years, Non-Emissions) ; 037 253 031 AL (Mid Years, and California) ; 037 253 031 BP (Late years and all Canada)
Material: Cast
Type: 2 piece; 4-2-1
Upper Manifold Runner Size:
Lower Manifold Runner Size:
Collector Diameter: 2.25in
Exhaust Manifold Stud: 8X47mm

Part Number: 037 253 031 L ; 037 253 031 cc (California)
Material: Cast
Type: 2 piece; 4-2-1
Upper Manifold Runner Size:
Lower Manifold Runner Size:
Collector Diameter: 2.25in
Exhaust Manifold Stud: 8X47mm.

MAF sensor

VW part number: 037-906-461-A
Bosch part number: 0-280-217-103
MAF sensor Housing size: 2.75"

Camshaft Sprocket

Sprocket Part Number: 049 109 111 c
Geer Length: xxx Teeth

Spark plugs / wires

Part Number:
Spark plug gap: .028 (also listed, .024 and .026, anyone have VW's spec?)
Spark plug wire size: 7mm


Part Number: 044 121 133
Opening temp: 185*
Fully open temp: 221*

Electric Cooling Fans
:wave:[Note: All temperatures measured in F.]
:wave:[Note: There is a second switch that controls a stage 3 fan speed fitted into one of the cooling housings on the cylinder head. This is only applicable on certain models]

Part Number: 1H0 959 455 (no AC) / 1HM 959 455 C (with AC) / 165 959 455 L (either)
Fan Size: 305mm (first two pn's) / 280mm (last pn)

Stage 1 on: 198* - 207*
Stage 1 off: 183* - 196*

Stage 2 on: 210* - 221*
Stage 2 off: 196* - 208*

Stage 3 on: 230* - 239*
Stage 3 off: 221* - 230*


Part Numbers (Valeo): 028 903 025 P / 037 903 023 G (+a/c)
Part Numbers (Bosch): 028 903 025 P / 028 903 025 Q (+a/c)
Pulley Diameter: 49mm (1.929 in)
Regulator Plug Clocking: 8.00
Voltage: 12 volt, Negative ground
Amperage: 90
Minimum brush length


dimensions: 675mm x 675mm x 322mm

Expansion Tank

Cap opening pressure: 19-23 psi


Part Number: 037 905 237 BX / 037 905 205 T
Type: Breakerless
Ignition Timing: Controlled by EMS
Firing order: 1-3-4-2
Rotation: Clockwise

Ignition System

Bosch Motronic M2.9

Bosch Motronic M5.9


Primary resistance: 0.5Ω to 0.7Ω
Secondary resistance: 2 kΩ to 4 kΩ

Water pump

Part Number: 037 121 005 C (housing with impeller) / 037 121 010 C (water pump with sealing washer; without pulley, thermostat, and adapter (gooseneck))

PCV valve

Part Number: 037 129 101 H / 037 129 101 R

Vacuum brake booster

Part Number: 1H1 612 107 C (w/out ABS) / 1H1 612 107 D (w/ ABS)

Master Cylinder

Part Number: 357 611 019 B (w/out ABS) /1H1 698 019 B (w/ ABS)

A/C compressor

Part Number: 1H0 820 803 D
High side Psi: 205.0
Low side Psi: 17.0

Fluids / fluid measurements


Oil type: API grade SH or SH/CD multi-grade oil
Maximum oil capacity (including filter): 4.2 Quarts
Oil Viscosity: 5w40 or 10w40 (viscosity is temperature dependent, other oils may be applicable)


Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel octane: All standard octanes acceptable
Fuel pressure (regulated): 36 psi
Maximum fuel capacity: 14.5 gallons

:wave:[Note: NEVER EVER cross mix different color anti-freeze.]

Coolant type: 50/50 mixture of water and coolant
OBDI maximum coolant capacity: 5.8 Quarts
OBD II maximum coolant capacity: 6.1 Quarts

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Trans fluid type (1994 and earlier): DEXRON II
Trans fluid type (1995 and later): VW transmission fluid ONLY
Maximum trans fluid capacity: 3.2 Quarts
VW transmission fluid part number: G 052 162 A1 or G 052 162 A2

Brake Fluid

brake fluid type: DOT 4
maximum brake fluid capacity: ($ / $$)

Power Steering

Power steering fluid (Recommended): VW PS fluid (the regular stuff will do)
Power steering fluid capacity: 1.6 Quarts
VW PS fluid part number: g002000 or G002012

Air Conditioning

A/C oil type: r134
Maximum A/C fluid capacity: 28 oz of R134a - 3.9 oz (total) of PAG based oil


5 speed manual

Transmission code: 020
transmission type: DFQ. CHE, or AMC
Main shaft: 24mm (after June 1st, 1997, shafts are 22mm)
speedometer gear: 15T
1st gear ratio: 3.455
2nd gear ratio: 1.94
3rd gear ratio: 1.28
4th gear ratio: 0.97
5th gear ratio: 0.80
final drive: 3.67


Transmission type: CLK, CFH, CFF
Number of gears:
Gear ratios:

Fuse Box / Relays

:wave:[Note: The crappy diagram I have drawn shows the layout of the relays as you are facing them]

Location: Drivers side, under dash, above clutch pedal

[19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24]
[13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]
[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]
[ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [10] [11] [12]

1 air conditioning system
2 rear wiper/washer
3 fuel inchection/ignition system
4 Load reduction
5 not used
6 emergency flasher
7 not used
8 Windshield wiper/washer
9 Seat belt warning system/control unit
10 Foglights
11 Horn
12 Fuel pump
13 Heated oxygen sensor control module (o2 sensor)
14 Park/Neutral position
15 - 24 Optional equipment (does anyone have the relay equipment information for these?)

non categorized stuff

Cylinder Head Bolts diagram and torque specs

tighten in the following order:


stage 1 30ft/lb
stage 2 44ft/lb
stage 3 additional 90 Degree turn
stage 4 additional 90 Degree turn

Torque specs (ft/lbs unless otherwise stated)


Air temperature sensor: 84 in-lbs
Alternator mounting bolts: 18
Camshaft bearing cap nuts/bolts: 15
Crankshaft main bearing cap bolts: 48
Engine crossmember-to-body bolts:37
Exhaust manifold bolts: M8 bolts = 18 ; m10 bolts = 30
Flywheel mounting bolts: 44
Fuel rail mounting bolts: 84 in-lbs
Intermediate shaft flange bolts: 18
Intermediate shaft sprocket bolt: 59
Lock carrier-to chassis bolts: 17
Lock carrier to fender screws: 48 in-lbs
Intake manifold to head (lower): 18
Intake manifold to lower intake (upper) = 15
Lug Nuts (wheel bolts): 81
Oil cooler nut: 18
Oil pan drain plug: 22
Oil pump cover bolts: 84 in-lbs
O2 sensor (heated oxygen sensor): 37
Piston oil jet/pressure relief valve: 19
Rod bearing cap bolts/nuts : 22
Spark plugs: 22
Starter mounting bolts: Lower 33 ; Upper 44 ; Stud 44
Throttle body through-bolts: m6 bolts = 84 in-lbs ; m8 bolts = 15 ft-lbs
Timing belt tensioner bolt: 33
Transmission bell housing to engine: m10 bolts = 44; m12 bolts = 59

volkswagen engine codes

Source references

Fuel injector list
cams, valve springs, etc
Jetta Tech / how to
wiring diagram
Intake manifold
Head and valve info
Chilton's vehicle manual
Haynes vehicle manual
bahn brenner motorsports
Black Forest Industries
www.vagcat.com - online spare parts catalog
more part numbers
explosion views of most vw motors

VW Vortex Members
(adding sources as i go. If i missed you, give me a heads up!)
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added crank, piston, rod, and valve spring info.
good stuff, you should alphabetize the torque specs as that list will probably grow pretty big a good one to add would be wheel lugs :thumbup:
the simplest answers are usually the best. thx
added intake manifold specs and listed torque specs alphabetically.
do you have that info on the 2E engine?
Its the same as the ABA, although I'm not sure if the obd1 -> obd2 change occured in the same year. Otherwise they're identical.

Mizzuh: You really should reference your sources for this info. Those guys who sit down and take the measurements and put in the hours to provide that info deserve recognition.
Mizzuh: You really should reference your sources for this info. Those guys who sit down and take the measurements and put in the hours to provide that info deserve recognition.
no sh*t, right? :rolleyes:

I'm not saying he needs APA format citation and referencing, but just a shout out as you go along. The thread itself could prove pretty useful and I hope Mizzuh continues.

Happy New Year!
for a start the 2e is counterflow,could there be more differences?
^ Same bottom end though (as well as the ABF with the exception of the pistons). Most of the info for the head holds as well and from what I've read even the valves are the same (so basically just an 8v hydro head with 7mm stems). Euro mk3 4-cylinders also retained digifant fuel injection which was discontinued earlier on in North America. You'd probably be better off searching for information on the 2E in either the 8v forum here (if you're looking to modify and tune) or better yet clubgti which is a european forum.
if anyone knows the injector info, I could really use that

three companies i found make them. but none of the sites ive looked at have the ohms / lb per hr/ or cc's
beck/arnely 155-0226
and Standard

here is the general opinion of the threads (posted in the main section with a notation beside it for now)
19 lb/hr
44 psi

does anyone have technical data to back this up?
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Your injector info is wrong. VR6 injectors are 19lb/hr. All 2.0 injectors are 16lb/hr.

I also edited the name of this thread to a more searchable title.

Lastly, credit your info. I see a bunch of info you got from my threads. People deserve credit when they do all the work. Get on that.
thanks. and i put your name on the bottom of my thread , as well as a link to your info a few days ago. im going through my bookmarks and getting it up there piece by piece.

ALSO, added A/C fluid levels and psi's for system
added valve specs and more links. also added some info under the non-catogorized stuff ath the bottom of the list. "fuel and ignition"....not sure what the info is, or where it should go, but it looked useful. anyone have any idea?
These motors arent 10.4:1 compression. They are slightly less than 10:1. (more like 9.9:1)

You really need to confirm your stats before you post them. :thumbdown:
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