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Sup all, question is : can a Knock sensor code produce a loss of power or something ?
My 2.0l seams kinda week compared to befor .. also i hear a lot of grizziling noises and sutch...
few month ago befor a chec up it was doing the same thing...
it got fixed, and like 2 days later the check engine went back on but engine was runing good
after a week or 2 wtv it turned week again !!

i m getting tired of paying for repairs that don t realy works so i was wondering if any of you guys would know what i could do !?
once at a red light i heard also a big explosion (maybe my headers or pipe has a hole in it
oh and on idle sounds a bit like that : clac clac clac clac
MK3 2.0l wolsberg thx a lot for all the help guys hope you understand my descriptions

ps: still kind of a newbie and i don t have lots of experiance on engines
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