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Techtonic exhaust owners please help...

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Okay, I was driving down the road, heard a clunk clunk clunk, and then my exhaust starts dragging (at the bend by the axle). So I take it to the shop where I got it installed like 6 months ago, they straighten it out, and re-weld it, but now any time the body of my car goes up and down, i hear this horrable rubbing noise, could it be the heat shield around the cat? What harm would be done by removing this?

also, when I step on the gas, i feel a slight vibration in the car now..
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Re: Techtonic exhaust owners please help... (ntrldub)

Re: Techtonic exhaust owners please help... (ntrldub)

The best thing to do would be to crawl under the car and look at it yourself. It's probobly not correctly adjusted and is either too high or too low at the rear axle.
Is it more of a thud or a clanging type sound? A heat shield would be clangy and less likely to be an issue on a newer car.
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