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Tell me about a turbo for a Rabbit

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My little bro wants to slap a junkyard turbo setup on his 4-door Rabbit. He will be getting my 1.8L GTi engine when I swap in my 3A. Just looking for some information so he can start planning before the swap date.
- What turbo can I steal from j-yard cars?
- What do I need to do to the engine to make this thing work?
- What sort of things do I have to be wary of (fuel, heat, etc.)?
- Any good sites to look at for information?
I have the shopping list for the j-yard turbo setup off of Hardcore VW. All in all, I know diddly squat about turbos and so does he. We've been into NA cars all our lives. Sorry if this post is sort of vaque, but I don't really know what kind of questions to ask. Thanks for your help.
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