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Racemaker Press has released it’s latest auto related publication titled Caribbean Capers: The Cuban Grand Prix Races of 1957, 1958 & 1960 by noted automotive historian Joel E. Finn.

This high quality book is a first hand account that captures the dramatic story of Cuba’s classic sports car races packed with information about the Ferraris, Maseratis and Porsches from Havana Cuba’s heyday as America’s playground.

Racecar drivers like Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, Jack Brabham and the five-time world champion, Juan Manuel Fangio are all featured in Caribbean Capers.

A kidnapping that captured headlines around the world, when pole-sitter Fangio was taken at gunpoint from his Havana hotel the night before the race in 1958, illustrates the challenges faced by the organizers and competitors.

The 9x12 coffee table quality book is 368 pages featuring more 500 vintage photos of the cars, drivers and events along with charts, race entries, results makes Caribbean Capers the authoritative account of Cuban racing.

Table of Contents

Cuban Racing History (starting in 1901)
A Grand Idea
1957 Grand Prix Preparations
1957 Race Practices
First Gran Premio de Cuba
1958 Race Preparations
Second Gran Premio de Cuba
1960 Trying Again
The Formula Junior Race
Gran Premio Libertad

Author Joel E. Finn

“I was one of the timing officials at the races in 1958, and gathered as much original information, first hand accounts, and rare, official records from organizers as possible, with the intention of someday creating this book,” author Joel Finn said as he accepted the Cugnot Award for Outstanding Book of 2010 from the Society of Automotive Historians award at the Society’s annual meeting in Hershey Pennsylvania in October. “I’m grateful for the Society’s recognition of this book as a story that needed to be told, of a time in racing history like no other.”

Connecticut author and historian Joel Finn has been a competitive driver in road racing for more than 50 years. Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, he was also a participant in significant events in American racing, working with pit crews, flagging stations and timing and scoring officials at tracks that included Sebring, Watkins Glen, Bridgehampton, and Havana. As a long-time competitor, he has raced many of the cars that attained legendary status in the early years of sports car racing and has known the drivers, owners and mechanics who competed in these challenging events.

Finn has written a number of highly-regarded histories of road racing including American Road Racing: The 1930s; Bridgehampton Racing: From the Streets to the Bridge; Sunshine Speed and a Surprise: The 1959 Grand Prix of the United Sates; and American Road Racing: 1948-1950 The Sport Revived. His earlier books focused on the Ferrari V-12 Testa Rossa, Maserati Birdcages and the Maserati Sports Racing cars.

About Racemaker Press

Racemaker Press is an independent publisher specializing in books on automotive racing and history. They are the sole distributor of Joel Finn’s books.

In October, Racemaker Press won the Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award for Outstanding Book of 2010 from the Society of Automotive Historians for Mr. Finn’s Caribbean Capers book.

Publisher Joseph Freeman said “Racemaker Press is passionate about researching, recording, compiling, and publishing works that make a real contribution to automotive history”.

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