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Tell me about the "Flywheel Cover"!

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I think that is the name of it. It's a semi-circular piece of metal, kind of the same material as the oil pan. If you take it off, you can see the flywheel and clutch and stuff.
It looks like it's only held on by 2 bolts into the tranny. is this true? WHen you replace it, do you have to use any sealant? Mine is mangled, and I gotta replace it to keep goop from getting into my clutch.
Can I judge clutch wear by peeking in there? How can I tell if my clutch is getting worn? Thanks,
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Re: Tell me about the "Flywheel Cover"! (FatSean)

Two bolts right on the bottom of the tranny housing. The one in the front cracks off alot, I've done it more than once myself. All it does is cover the flywheel, it's thin aluminum and gets messed up easily. Buy a new one from Potter and call it a day. No sealant needed. I don't think you can see the clutch disk itself at all from in there.
Re: Tell me about the "Flywheel Cover"! (need_a_VR6)

Thanks, sounds like cake. Yeah, the front bolt point is snapped off the tranny. I'm gonna try to bolt the fragment onto the new cover, and hope the other bolt holds everything together.
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