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Tell me what you think

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I might miss something so just ask..
1979 Rabbit GTI
Complete Body restoration interior and exterior including engine bay
2.0 16v swap
bottom end -> vw Motorsport low comp pistons around 8.5:1, knife edge crank, balanced
Head -> High rev springs, P&P, Regular stock cams
SDS management system
T3/T4 Hybrid turbo
16v scirocco exhaust manifold
custom 2 1/2" piping
custom 2 1/2" exhaust
big injectors don't know yet
Quiffe LSD
15" rims ( i wont go bigger)
Strictly foreign RS body kit
custom dash and center console
Let me know what you think.. I probably missed a lot of stuff so just ask
Do you think that could hit 12 seconds????????????
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Re: Tell me what you think (MK1_16VT)

quote:[HR][/HR]Do you think that could hit 12 seconds????????????
Once it is tuned correctly and set up properly, it should be real close.
I know a guy who has a similar setup in a Scirocco, and he's still working on getting it dialed in, and getting used to driving it, and I think he's run a 13.1 so far...(help me out here Brian)?
And the car is totally streetable.
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Re: Tell me what you think (MK1_16VT)

Easy 12's if its tuned properly. Oversteervw has a very similar setup except his motor is stock and he ran low 12's in an A2 golf and 11.93 with slicks.
You'll need a fuel rail to. Ross Machine makes a really nice one.
Scirocco 16V exhaust mainfold will not work with a turbo, you'll need a manifold to.
Re: Tell me what you think (BUNNYLOVE)

why will the scirocco 16v exhaust manifold not work?
Re: Tell me what you think (MK1_16VT)

Need a manifold to bolt the turbo up to.
I think its 8vturbo.com sells nice ones.
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