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Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!!

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I was leaving school today, and i saw this dumb girl jump a double curb thingy in the center median. SHE GOT STUCK!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Today is the first i have driven my C in the rain. Man is it fun. Of course i'm not crazy, and dont plan on crashing my C. Just havin a little fun in the rain. Torque on my old car couldnt even spin my tires in the rain. The C seems to have enough torque that i spin my wheels in all my gears!!!!!!!!!! (EVEN WHEN I"M NOT TRYING)

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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (BiboRado)

tell me about it. I almost hate driving my slc in the rain. for a few reasons.
1. Taking a turn at almost any speed results in a loss of traction. Its scary at times. I thought 16" would get better traction than 15"

2. I spin wheels majorly if i use any gas.
I think im just afraid some idiot will hit me or cause me to hit them. It usually the other driver. I think my biggest fear is someone slamming on the brakes in front of me, and me hitting them in the C. For some reason, even with cross driled rotors, pads and lowering, still locks up. oh well
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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (BiboRado)

well this happend last year but its still fun to tell.....i was headed on a single lane road and this guy in a old sunbird passed me cause i was going to slow for him which is cool cause i was carefull due to the wet roads,but what pissed me off was that he cut me off when he pulled in front of me and he had lots of time....at the next lights there were cars already stopped so he stopped a little after the tracks and i seen that there was no curb (recent construction) but mud and lots of water so i reveresed a bit to pull beside him and passed him with my tires spinning splashing water and mud all in his car..it turned out that i work with that guy and he kept spreadin roumors on how much of an arsshole i am but would never say it to my face.i just keep laughin whenever someone repeats it!
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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (devistationG60)

Friends Cutlass, big ass parking lot, wet...nuff said
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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (Iceman666)

Well, I was out in mah blang-blang Escort GT. And I started to fiddle around with e-brake turns, being the completely experienced 16 year old rally driver that I am. I got a few pretty nice, so I decided to pull one on a left turn. So I drove down the street, make sure the coast was clear, then went back and took the turn at about 30, and the rear end swung behind me, but I saw a fat SUV driving down the street, and swerved to avoid it, hitting a parked truck.

Pictures are here (in the media section):
Spare me your flames, I've learned my lesson. But now I don't feel I'm worthy ever to own a C.

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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (BiboRado)

I rember the 1st time I drove my rado in the rain! I was on my lunch brake and the street had a sharp right hand turn just before a stop..... wow this thing is tail happy scared me but with the front driver just give it a little gas to keep it half way straight http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
also the dealership (we try not to steel and do a prity good job of it
) I used to be a porter and we had 2001 hunda civics for lowner cars.mmmmmmmmmmm e-brake turns rally turns and all kinda stupid stuf lots of fun and only one car put into the curb (bent steel rim and a mistirously missing front rubber lip
) now those were good times
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Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (jininkan)

Repeat it with me slowly. Brakes stop the wheels, Tires stop the car. Buy tires with good wet grip, pump them to 36psi and drive like you have some fear.
Re: Tell us some of your fun rain stories!!!!!!!! (vdubjb)

Not very fun! I totaled my 1992 Corrado VR6 by foolishly thinking that worn out rear tires did not matter much on a front drive car. I was heading home at about 50mph when the rear hydroplaned causing the car to spin backwards across traffic flip on the roof, and then flip again landing on the wheels. Although I was uninjured, my poor corrado was totaled. I spent a couple month's finding another good Corrado although I ended up with a newer car with less miles.
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