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Sup everyone... I finally learned how to post pics the proper way... so here comes my REAL post #1: the exhaust install (and some other shots)... hope u likes
plannin on makin it smaller for the DIY thread
tell me what u think
first a shot of my car at work. TAKEN AT NIGHT! damn i luv my camera!

my cousin's car... notice the nasty dents caused by dumb drivers? if anyone wanted to know, he has passat beige leather in there with a full system and waiting on a 2L 16v swap!

Now for the install...
Product: 2.25" TT alum catback exhaust with Borla SS muffler.
Car: 97 2L 8v Golf. similar steps can be done for VR.
it was a cold ass day as u can see by my iced tea!

Starting with the exit of the cat, take off the old exhaust system. Usually this means that u will have to cut it, torch it, pry it, kick it, jimmy superfly snuka off the top ropes- it, do whatever u gotta do but don't ruin the cat. make sure any cuts made will leave u the pipe (approx. 2"-3") exiting the cat.
I cut the intermediate pipe off and had one of the mechanincs torch the remaining end off of the cat. Reason why u would heat metal up is for Thermal Expansion. This is usually done when you have minimal clearance issues and can't get one pipe over another.

heres a shot of the stock exhaust in pieces. i had fun killin it after this photo was taken

Here's the exhaust system in order of attachment. out with the old, in with the new...

now with only the cat exposed, slide the new intermediate pipe over the cat's exiting pipe. you may have to heat as i mentioned before...

Add supplied clamp snuggly but not tight... this way when u have everything aligned perfectly and clamped, all u need to do is tighten from the cat all the way back to the tip. i chose to turn the first clamp on its side to avoid any nasty bumps in the road... my friends jetta w/remus exhaust was ripped off in the similar manner cuz he had the screws facing down.

With intermediate pipe in place, guide in the curved pipe over frame and clamp. (forgot to take pic cuz here we were gettin pissed at the fitting... once again, thermal expansion played its role...)
slap the Borla muffler in and clamp using new exhaust clamps with old rubber mount & bracket. this rubber mount & bracket is the only thing u reuse from the stock exhuast.

finally guide in the tail pipe and clamp with old exhaust mount & bracket
go back and tighten all clamps as mentioned before. make sure u clamp good or you'll rattle like a heatshield is known to do... raise/get under the car and turn it on. rev it a few times and check all clamps for any leaks... adjust accordingly and take er out for a spin...

CKs M3 backside

CKs M3 frontside

Me airborne on the lift thinkin my car is a Delorean in Back to the Future 2. reason for this was so i can rev it as my friend 'CK' checks for any leaks. this is a precautionary step in case we missed tightening any clamps...

Friend's Trans AM
this thing is a BEAST loaded with the LT1 motor and so many upgrades that i dare not even say!!!

the infamous Skittle 3000GT (my friend Alex's current ride)


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