We've all flipped through a car magazine looking for acceleration data at some point in our lives.  Often times, we see the data and think to ourselves- really?  True, oftentimes the conditions and setting that these numbers were achieved in are left to guesswork, but we all hope that the published times can be easily replicated.  Luckily for those looking to do some testing of their own, P3's extremely popular vent mounted boost gauge doubles as a 0-60 timer.  Recently the crew at Deutsche Auto Parts did just that, using a P3 gauge to test the 0-60 time of their own Mk7 GTI.

Read the full release and see how they did below.

Have you ever wondered about the 0-60 times posted by magazines?

So often you read write ups from car magazines that boast performance numbers. This has always left us wondering, did they test the car? What type of conditions were they tested under, and what tires were used.

The P3 Digital Vent Gauge for MK7 is primarily used as a boost gauge, however it has a ton of really great functions. In this situation most importantly a 0-60 timer. The setup is very simple. You bring the vehicle to a stop, set the gauge the 0-60 then go. As soon as you take off the 0-60 timer will automatically start and will stop the clock when you hit 60 mph.

We did our best to compare our 0-60 time to the others out there. Most MK7 GTI models that were given to these companies were the Performance Pack cars (not available in the US at this time). Since the performance pack has 10 hp more and a Limited Slip Differential that would not be a fair comparison. We did find one test that seemed like it was on a similar model. It was from Autoblog , and their 0-60 time was 6.4 seconds. We took 1 pass on our 0-60 timer on stock tires on an 85 degree day. Take a look at the video to see what we were able to come up with.