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Replicas- these are one piece, the real ones are two piece...
Not trying to sell something I dont have, but the reps are just as rare as the real ones..

Ive got these on my maxima now, they have not been re-drilled, and are in great shape.
I got them from a friend who had them on a Mk6, and really like them on my car, just getting tired of them... (oh, and I had a fox, so thats why im here- dont be hating on me and my nissan haha)
I wanted to throw them out there to see what the temperature is like on them...
I could sell them but need wheels to drive on :p
My car is 5x114.3, so ideally thats the bolt pattern I need. Im not afraid of running 112s obviously. Or- if you have adapters to sweeten the pot then thats awesome, and anything will do. :)

Im digging Porsche Twists, and anything wide. Im also looking for 17s, so I can be a bit lower, but 18s are my cap- no bigger.

Beggars can't be choosers, so if you like my wheels, bump this post and shoot me an offer.. Please make SMART offers, and trades. These wheels are worth it. Trades/offers should be about $600. I wont be a beggar, but I will choose :)

Heres some pics..
I have 4 center caps as well- the blue wreath style ones I'll include.
Its pouring rain outside, so I promise individual pics tomorrow, but these should give you an idea of what they look like. They are in really great shape and look awesome on anything.

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