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Thanks for the Jersey Cruise..

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I just wanted to thank you guys for the good time today. The GTG and the endless miles of challenging roads made for a great time. So thanks Paul, Scott, Bill, Frank (for getting it all started), Renzo (for taking the heat) and you too G60chick (I still didn't catch your name)
And double thanks Renzo for getting smokey off our tails. If he would have caught me in that 90+ stint in that straight away I would have been up [email protected] Creek w/o a paddle.

And sorry we lost the rest of you. We waited 10 minutes up the road but you guys never made it.
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Re: Thanks for the Jersey Cruise.. (G60247)

actually...i didnt want to slide off in to the trees after "pavement ends here". plus i knew it was the cop behind me so i went even obnoxiously slower. Thanks for comin up bro.
Re: Thanks for the Jersey Cruise.. (BLUE NRG)

Damn it, it sounds like lots of fun that I didn't get in on cuz of a stupid clutch master cylinder... :c( I'm upset now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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