Over the past handful of days we've been posting pictures of some of our favorite cars from Waterfest 2016, but now we're getting into the real nitty gritty. What follows is a top 10 list of the best wheels at this year's show. In no particular order, they are:


Vossen VPS-317 - A very modern 19"x11" take on that '90s 3 spoke wheel fad, with some serious forged construction and a design that shows a whole lot of dish inside the wheel. More details at http://forged.vossenwheels.com/


Art in Motion MA7 wheels in a copper finish, holding up a Passat CC that's sitting low on air suspension. Like a lot of the bespoke 3 piece manufacturers have started doing, they have directional wheels so the left side mirror the wheels on the right of the car - definitely a cool touch. www.artinmotionwheels.com


It wouldn't be a list of wheels on German cars with having some BBS RS on it. One of the recent trends on this quintessential wheel type is 'Upsizing' where a 15" or 16" wheel is stripped of it's smaller lips and barrels, and built using custom larger 'stepped-up' parts to make them into 17" or 18" wheels.  Parts are available from various retailers, such as www.BlackForestIndustries.com


Fifteen52 Integrale SC - Forged 3 piece wheels in a black finish with a body color matched splatter paint, on this bright green Audi SQ5. The wheel faces feature neat side cutouts  to aid brake cooling and, well, to add visual awesomeness. Visit www.fifteen52.com to check out more of their wheels.


Messer ME06-3 - From the German wheel company, with a whole lot of camber behind them.. There was a similar set previously listed for sale on our forums here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7504498-Messer-ME06-3 . The manufacturer's site can be found by clicking to http://www.messer-felgen.de/


Work Seeker CX - A modern 2 piece take on a classic style, by the famous Japanese wheel company Work Wheels. More information at http://www.workwheelsusa.com/


Rotiform IND-t - the specs on this exact set on a Audi B8 S4 are 19”x10” with a offset of 35mm, and of course a 5x112 PCD. Check them out on www.rotiform.com


This set of BBS RS2 (AKA RSii) with concave faces and wider lips were on a fully wrapped Audi Avant. This set was built up by Perfect Metal Finishing in Newark, NJ.


Niche Invert M163 - Available in any size you want, apparently as long as you want 20", these cast single piece wheels are one of the few non-split rim wheels on our list, and are as wide as the bolt-on fender extensions on this GTI. More info here: http://www.mhtwheels.com/invert-m163-w-6466.htm


Work Gnosis - We're actually not sure about the model name of these wheels. They sport the classic V spoke of the Gnosis HS202, but with a extra 3D aspect to each spoke that we dig. No matter their name, they suited this Audi R8 in a perfect OEM+ way. The closest details we found are here: http://www.workwheelsusa.com/category.php?category=44

Honorable mention:

Widened Beetle Steelies - Another staple of the Volkswagen scene over the last decade, and back through various scenes for much longer, is wider OEM style steel wheels. We loved this set with stock chrome center caps and white walls.

Bonus Challenge: Can you name some or all of the wheels on this shirt? Add your comments below, and be sure to check out the rest of our coverage from Waterfest 22!