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The 2019+ RAV4 Thread

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It's the world's most popular compact SUV by a hearty margin. It comes in gas, hybrid, and EV versions. It's cheapish. There are luxury trims and trims you can wheel on the Rubicon. It can tow 3,500 lbs. It's reliable. It has a decent aftermarket. It even looks good. There's a reason you see them everywhere.

But what does TCL think of it?

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I rented one on a work trip in LA and found it very utilitarian. However the plain gas engine was underpowered.

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People that buy these clearly do not shop around.
I think most people do ship around, and most people find it hard to walk away from a vehicle known to be reliable that is also the cheapest in the segment, even though it's no Miata.
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I hear they don't do too well in parking lot floods.
Easy way to get your wife to impulse buy a Subaru tho
The XLE Hybrid trim is a ton of car for the money.

I would totally buy that if I need something super utilitarian.
Yeah I've been researching this car a lot and the hybrid XLE is definitely the sweet spot for price/equipment.

Seems like the regular gas RAV4 is a pass because lousy performance.

The Prime is a pass because of price and availability.
Wife and I have a 2020 Rav4 XLE Hybrid with convenience package we bought new in July 2020. You should be aware 2020 is the first year Rav4s got CarPlay and Android Auto. I started a thread on it years ago but it hasn't been updated because there's been nothing noteworthy. Only thing I've added is a dash cam and all-weather mats. 26k miles with the fuel sender recall completed and a dead battery that is a known issue otherwise no issues. She drives it 99% of the time.

We chose the Rav4 Hybrid because it wasn't much more than a regular gas one at the time, hybrid doesn't have the auto start/stop function which is a huge plus, and it was notably quicker around town which is where ours spends the majority of its time. 0% financing through Toyota was an added bonus. Lastly it felt like if we're keeping the vehicle 8-10 years then Rav4 would be a better choice. Wife and I are still happy with it now and haven't remotely considered replacing or upgrading.
Thanks. I heard about the battery issue - some kind of grounding strap that breaks? - Anyways, Toyota claims it's been fixed on the 2022+ at least that's what my internet research say.

How would you rate the seat comfort? Scale 1-10.
The gas is fine (0-60 in about 8) but it is loud (engine revs like a Honda K-series and shifts at 6800). The hybrid is a little quicker (0-60 in about 7ish) but around town it is super relaxed and the electric torque shoves it around. You only ever hear the engine at high revs if you put it totally to the floor merging into fast traffic. The hybrid doesn't cost much more so it is kind of a nobrainer. You have to try to get below 40 MPG and it will flirt with 50 if you try - I've only driven it a little bit.

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I didn't even know you could get the hybrid as 2wd - it only shows AWD in my area. Perhaps it's just for my Toyota region.
How do we feel aesthetically about brush guards on these

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I like that Woodlands edition with the bronze wheels.

I went to Premier Toyota in Amherst Ohio and asked about this model and some others.

The Woodland edition has a 12-14 month wait. The salesman said most seem to be going to the southwest region (send some up adrew)

Any hybrid you don't happen to catch on the lot is a 6 month wait.

All of their in transit hybrids were already sold prior to arrival. They didn't have any more in transit models they could even take my money for.

I could give them my phone number and they would put me on a list of people waiting to put down a deposit on an in transit model.
I found an available Woodland Edition on the lot not far from me, but there's a $2k ADM on top of the $36k MSRP so overall not such a good deal.
Plus the Woodland gets the same highway MPG (35) as the regular gas one
Isn't that just due to the Falken off road tires
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