The colossus at Rhodes is an Audi RS e-tron GT this week, as European media have had an opportunity to drive pre-production cars around the Greek island. 

Naturally, this being an RS car, CarWow’s Mat Watson had to see what it was like in the quarter-mile. And what it’s like is fast. 10.9 seconds through the quarter and 2.8 seconds to 60, easily beating Audi’s estimate.

What impresses Watson more is the acceleration from 30 to 70 mph, a.k.a. the highway onramp test. The car manages it in a neck-snapping 2.7 seconds and Watson says he never tires of doing the test. For science. 

Misha Charoudin, meanwhile, proves how well set-up the car with an extremely don't-try-this-at-home test. Instead of satisfying himself with a simple 0-250-0 km/h (155 mph), he does the test without touching the steering wheel.

While this might sound silly and, again, for the love of god don't try this at home, it does prove that the car tracks true through heavy acceleration and braking. That means that when you're slowing down or accelerating, you don't also have to fight torque steer or pull.

Audi Formula E driver and pitch man, Lucas di Grassi, calls it the best car he’s ever driven from Audi. He says that it combines space, comfort, instant torque, and agility, calling it the most complete car you can hope to have. We certainly hope to have one soon.

Although it doesn’t quite have all of the Taycan Turbo S’s goodies, it doesn’t seem to need them. Speedy through the twisties, steady on the highway, and whisper-quiet through town, the RS e-tron GT appears to be a winner.