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Re: The Best VW Performance Parts Websites (1998_GTI_VR6)

Quote, originally posted by 1998_GTI_VR6 »
Im not looking for huge farty mufflers, lambo doors or flappy body kits.

"you know huge mufflers on my VW makes me all farty and bloated!"


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Re: The Best VW Performance Parts Websites (Zba)

Depends on exactly which parts you're looking for. Off the top of my head-
Techtonics has great customer service and quality stuff, Bildon has some sick stuff and is a bit expensive, same with Eurospec, Black Forest Industries (BFI) has my favorite lower crossmember and are good to deal with, Rapid Parts has a ton of replacement parts and good deals occasionally, and Nothing Leaves Stock (NLS) are good guys and do good fab stuff while selling good product also......


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Re: The Best VW Performance Parts Websites (1998_GTI_VR6)

MJM Autohaus, definitely. Though I may be a bit biased. If I had I window I could see them from here. Thus I find their shipping charges to be quite reasonable.

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Re: (absoluteczech)

Quote, originally posted by absoluteczech »
ecs has crazy shipping prices

I guess being only a couple hundred miles away I didn't really notice. And when I had my TT I actually had it flashed there so I may just be ignorant to that.

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Quote, originally posted by Matt-K »
http://www.neuspeed.com (obviously they have neuspeed stuff like plugs, swaybars, etc….)
http://www.autolamps-online.com (HID upgrades)
http://www.abdracing.com/ (products made by ABD, bonrath, wings west, zender, etc…)
http://www.der-abt.de (a german site that offers the sweetest styling things)
http://www.amimotorsports.com/ (very good site with reiger, caractere, dietrech, mattig, etc…)
http://www.autotech.com/ (products like zender, quaife and euro products)
http://www.awe-tuning.com/ (have GIAC, H&R, brembo, etc….)
http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/ (stuff like bonrath, abt, caractere, and more, located in UK)
http://www.bildon.com/ (all sorts of racing equipment, also have quaifes)
http://www.colour-tuning.de/ (have all sorts of products, are in Germany though)
http://www.audituning.com/english/main.asp (a European site and carry products like JE Design)
http://www.drschrick.de/ (German site, home for Schrick manifolds)
http://www.dubtechnik.com/ (have nice products for suspension, wheels, and body styling)
http://www.eiptuning.com/ (have turbo systems, transmissions, intakes and more)
http://www.electrodyne.cc/ (have many products for everything)
http://www.europartsinc.com/ (six speed transmissions, 1.8t engine parts)
http://www.eurosportacc.com/ (have a lot of products but a bit pricey)
http://www.eurospeed.ca/ (many products like blow-off valves, more stuff)
http://www.eurosporttuning.com/ (basically only brakes, mostly for Volvos)
http://www.fknorthamerica.com/ (also have a lot of products for good prices)
http://www.pgperformance.com/ (have good products and prices, headlights, body styling)
http://www.freedomdesign.com/ (Kamei, also have their own line of products)
http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many products and good prices for everything)
http://www.hofeleusa.com/ (site for Hofele products, obviously, gives good pics)
http://www.concert1.ca/ (very good Canadian site, have many products)
http://www.hpamotorsport.com/ (have turbo kits for VW and brakes)
http://www.achtuning.com/ (carry ABT, AMS, and many other parts)
http://www.tracracing.com/ (has many different VW parts, Eibach)
http://www.importvision.com (not the best looking site but have really good prices)
http://www.in-pro.de/ (German site for In.Pro headlights and products)
http://www.schimmelperformance.com/ (they do custom work with intake tubes and other things)
http://www.jms-fahrzeugteile.de (they have Golf IV parts, not sure if they have anything others)
http://www.landspeedusa.com/ (have various aftermarket parts)
http://www.newdimensions.com/ (have many different products, take a look for yourself)
http://www.ngpracing.com/ (have bonrath, hagus, kamei and other products)
http://www.o-bars.com/ (have all sorts of suspension swaybars and stress bars)
http://www.oettinger.com/ (VW styling products)
http://tuningzubehor.com (have many aftermarket parts for VW and other makes)
http://www.performance-cafe.com/ (have many products and specials all the time)
http://www.ptuning.com (have products for VW and other makes)
http://www.projektzwo.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
http://www.rapidparts.com/ (everyone knows them)
http://www.rieger-tuning.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
http://www.rmrautosport.com/ (have all types of parts for VW and other makes)
http://www.hellausa.com/ (VW lighting products and other things)
http://www.rpi-equipped.com/ (have tons of products and good pricing)
http://www.srsvw.com/ (have GIAC chips and suspension)
http://www.caractere-automobile.be (Caractere styling products for VW)
http://www.estrictlyforeign.com/ (many people don’t like them but they have good products, styling)
http://swgmotorsport.com/ (UK site and have some pretty sweet products)
http://www.tmtuning.com/ (really good products and prices for everything)
https://www.techtonicstuning.com (exhaust systems and more)
http://www.vagparts.com/ (random parts for VW makes)
http://www.vf-engineering.com/ (supercharger kits and more)
http://www.advancedmotorsport.com/ (good prices and products, browse away)
http://www.europeanspeedsport.com/ (Eibach, Neuspeed, PIAA, Borla, JOM, etc….)
http://www.evolution-racing.com/ (many performance parts, not only for VW)
http://www.gmpperformance.com/ (have various VW parts, mostly Mercedes though)
http://www.hopefungautoparts.com/ (Brembo, Hella, Bosch, and more)
http://www.momentummotor.com/ (some sweet products, and good prices)
http://www.pes-tuning.com (all sorts of products, like exhaust, shifter, etc…)
http://www.supremepowerparts.com/ (group buys a few other things)
http://www.wrdusa.com/ (VW racing, rally and road racing products)
http://www.fastaddiction.com (very good product and prices)
http://www.evoms.com/ (brakes, intakes, superchargers, and more)
http://www.zender.de/ (German styling company, very nice products)
http://www.bahnbrenner.com/ (lighting, engine, styling, everything, very good site)
http://www.parts4vws.com (very popular sites, very good prices and products, have everything)
http://www.jrswaterworks.net (have to call for products and prices)
http://www.purems.com/ (all sorts of aftermarket products for VW and others)
http://www.goapr.com/ (turbo kits for VW, Audi, Porsche and exhausts)
http://www.ferodoracing.it/ (ferodo racing brake and brake kits)
http://www.advancedclutch.com (clutch kits for VW and other makes)
http://www.bonrath.de/ (Bonrath styling site, good pictures)
http://www.dietrich-tuning.de (Awesome VW styling part, German site)
http://www.mattig.de/ (Styling and Wheels for VW, German site)
http://www.42draftdesigns.com (great selection of guages, led's, and machined parts.)
Volkswagen OEM Parts
http://www.germanautoparts.com/ (a good place to get OEM parts, pretty good prices)
http://www.ecstuning.com/ (have OEM parts and wheel spacers)
http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many OEM products)
http://www.gprparts.com/ (have the basic list of OEM parts, a good source)
http://www.eurocullen.com/ (has euro parts and more, but I am not sure how to order, good pics though)
http://catalog.thepartsbin.com/ (have most OEM parts for sale)
http://www.volksparts.com (OEM parts, a selection but not too big)
http://www.autohausaz.com - (GREAT prices on OEM vw parts)

Things to Accessorize your VDUB with
http://www.autotoys.com (amazing prices on everything like alarms, cd players, dvd players, sweet place to hook up your ride with tvs and such)
http://www.americastire.com (good place to get tires and wheels from)
http://www.avolkswagenpart.com/ (cool merchandise and stuff)
http://www.autosportvolkswagenparts.com/ (kind of like the other OEM sites)
http://www.edgeracing.com/ (have lots of wheels to pick from)
http://www.europeanplates.com (have some pretty sweet euro license plates)
http://www.tires-n-parts.com (obviously tires and wheels)
http://drivergear.vw.com/ (suit yourself up in some gear from VW)
http://www.eurowerks.net/ (euro license plates)
http://www.shgraphics.com/ (euro license plates)
http://www.germanplates.com (euro license plates)
http://www.licenseplates.tv (great prices on any country/novelty/us plate, produced in florida, and free priority mail shipping in the US)

If you have more sites that are not listed, post them and I will add them.
If you find a link that doesnt work just post and I will take it off.

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Re: The Best VW Performance Parts Websites (Switawi)

Quote, originally posted by Switawi »
MJM Autohaus, definitely. Though I may be a bit biased. If I had I window I could see them from here. Thus I find their shipping charges to be quite reasonable.

I live in NY and I've had free shipping from them on my last few orders.
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