For as long as Volkswagen has been making big empty vehicles, people have been camping in them. The latest addition to this great tradition is this California XXL concept.

Despite the name, you won’t see one in California, which is kind of cruel, but hey: Europeans might never actually see one on the road either.

The concept is a taller, more spacious Crafter van kitted out to be your home away from home.

With a 2 meter bed (6 and a half feet), rotating front seats, a shower, a living area, and, yes, a fully equipped kitchen with a two burner stove and a sink, it’s everything you need for a weekend away or to survive the impending end of civilization (global gallows humor! What a time to be alive or whatever)

This would be just the latest in a line of Californias, but this one based on the new T6 Crafter. Last year, VW Commercial vehicles showed off another concept known as the e-Crafter that was--you guessed it--electric.

Europeans will be able to see the California XXL concept at the Salon Dusseldorf from August 26-September 3.