Volkswagen is back with its second historical Golf video in as many weeks. Wolfsburg is counting down to the reveal of a “major update” to the Golf that they plan to reveal early in November.

Last week VW covered the Golf that started it all, the Mk1, and today they’ve moved on to the Mk2, but brought back some familiar faces from last week.

Again, VW’s head of design, Klaus Bischoff, is on hand to give his take on the Mk2. He’s joined by racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck and German band, Revolverhead, as well as a number of others.

Given the Mk1’s popularity, there was a lot to live up to when VW decided to introduce the second generation Golf, and no one was more aware of that than VW.

"The Golf must remain a Golf,” said VW in 1983. “So no redesign should move away from the Golf concept – yet it should still be a new car from bumper to bumper, abiding by the fundamental principles: concept continuity, progress in detail and quality."

Despite more room and better aero, the Mk2 maintained the best design and performance attributes of the Mk1.

“It was always great on the road. Great performance,” says Stuck in the video. “Back then, the [the Mk2] was the best in the world.”