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*** The Detailing Forum How-To, FAQ, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Guide ***

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I wanted to put this DIY/FAQ together to maybe help detour some of those repeated basic question threads like, “What is the best wax?” “Is this the right order?” “Someone told me I needed to clay my car. What is that and how is it done?” Since I don’t have time to write a complete detailing guide on my own (If I did, I would publish it and make money.lol), I have searched the internet for existing guides and answers. However, I will be adding some of my own DIYs/FAQs and I also want to add input from members on this forum also so it will be custom to us. We have a few very knowledgeable members in this forum that have great ideas and loads of information and I thought it would be great to have a place for them to organize their thoughts, ideas and information. I also wanted to create a DIY/FAQ that was easy to use, unlike the previous Vortex Detailing DIY/FAQ thread which was hard to find anything in. That thread also turned into a pissing match and was closed. I want this one to be more user friendly and stay open.
For now, a lot of information will be provided through links to other informative sites and because we all know that links don’t always work forever, I will slowly work on getting as much information as possible into Vortex threads so that the information in those links can always be found as long as Vortex is alive. If a DIY/FAQ is black and not hyper linked, it means that I know there is a questions, I just haven’t written or found a good enough answer to link it to yet.
If there is anything you would like added or feel that should be added, please IM me and I will get it added in the right location.
This is a rough version. I just wanted to get it posted so I could see how it looks, get some feedback and also, hopefully, get sent some content that can be added. So, please bear with me. It will be completed ASAP. I promis.
Old Detailing Forum “How-To”

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Killer thread to the top, lots of information for reference.:thumbup:
This is great, I see I've been doing it all wrong for a a few years. Now with this info & the auto geek app for my smartphone, I'll be able to make the correct purchases and use them correctly.
99% of the links in this thread are dead..
The first six threads I clicked had a good link and I know there are less than 100 links in this thread. Based on that, your figure is wrong.

Instead of making exaggerated, un-helpful comments, it would be much more helpful to me and the rest of this forum if you would PM me exactly which ones that you know are dead and I will do my best to find a working link to the same or similar article.
Thanks :thumbup:
THis thread helped alot going to make my car look extra new
So i used a RugDoctor my first time in my home and used simple green and water mixture then followed up with vinegar and water and omg it cleaned the **** out of my carpet except where I lit a firework on the carpet haha. Anyways....was thinking of renting this again and getting the hose attachment and doing the same in my car.

160k miles and black carpet. Think its worth it or bad idea? Maybe take out my seats and do them also and get under them also. Maybe use Wool-lite or w/e on it all in the machine? Then leave doors open to air dry 100% on a hot day in the sun?

ive been looking around on here cant seem to find it if someone could point me in the direction of the thread or just previous experience, anybody ever use that 3m Paint restoration system.

THis thread helped alot going to make my car look extra new

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I'm in the begining stages of starting my own detailing company/service so I'll be posting up links and DIY once I pick up a good recorder.
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