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2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid, 2020 Ford Transit Crew
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We ordered placed our order for a Carbonized Grey Maverick XLT Hybrid back on November 21st 2021 and we picked it up on October 28th. When we ordered it, we were debating between getting an AWD Ecoboost and the FWD Hybrid. It would have been nice to have AWD for our Canadian Winters, but we really wanted the Hybrid and the Maverick replaced our 2013 Ford Fusion which was FWD and we've done just fine in the winter and the Maverick having a bit more ground clearance is just a bonus.

So we put 4 studded Winter Tire on the Black FX4 wheels and we have just over 1800km on it now. My wife commute to work is about 18km/11mileseach way with a mixture of city/highway driving and she easily does 8.5 to 9km on All Electric each way. So on a 36km round trip to work and back, she's does 17 to 18km on Electric. Last week she averaged 6.5L/100km or 43.5mpg for the week including letting the Maverick warm up for about 10 minutes every morning. In the city we are easily getting 4 to 4.5L/100km.

As for the truck itself, we are really enjoying it. We really like the look of it, it feels quite solid on the road, and it's quite spacious inside. My only complaints is that I wish we had defrosting mirrors, reverse sensors, and there is a lot of plastic inside, but it's to be expected at that price point. I must say they did a nice job with the interior plastics/color scheme.

I've owned 2 late 90s Ford Ranger in the past, so it's nice to finally have another truck similar in size that can fit 4 adults comfortably while getting awesome gas mileage.
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