Season 2 of The Grand Tour will be available on Amazon Prime sometime in October.

In a recent interview on The One Show, James May confirmed the show will return in October, but unfortunately he didn’t share much else. It appears the trio and Amazon Prime are currently putting the finishing touches on the show’s second season, with May saying they’ve probably spent about the same money as the first season. “It is quite an expensive show to make,” he said. “There’s a lot of travel involved. There’s a lot of crew involved. There’s a lot of tech involved, filming in 4K. But that’s boring stuff. It’s going to look largely the same, but we’ve moved it on a bit in a way that I can’t really tell you about yet because you’re the enemy and it’s secret!”

So not surprisingly, there are some changes heading to the show’s second series, which is to be expected. Not much is known about the second season, or where the trio have been traveling . In March however, it was reported that host Richard Hammond was involved in a motorcycle crash that reportedly left him unconscious. All seems fine however, as Hammond suggested we’ll know more once the season airs.

[Source: Digital Spy ]

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