With a coefficient of drag of just 0.28, the ID.4 is very nearly as aerodynamic is the Jetta (Cd 0.27) whose short stature is more conducive to aerodynamic efficiency.

According to Klaus Zyciora, head of design for the Volkswagen Group, it’s thanks to the freedom afforded by the electric drivetrain. With it, the designer had the freedom to move the passenger compartment back, essentially smoothing out the nose of the car and allowing it to cut through the wind better.

“The design evolution of the ID.4 also means that we have focused very strongly on the aerodynamics,” explains Zycoria. “Gentle, soft transitions alternate with sharp, clear separating edges. The design looks as if shaped by the wind itself.”

And that flow shows. Thanks to the cabin set farther back in the car is complemented by a large roof spoiler and a tail light cluster that help ensure that airflow is cleanly separated when leaves the car.

“The ID.4 represents an electric design evolution,” says Zyciora. “Its exterior design is clean, flowing, and powerful. It appears strong and self-confident in a new way. This is mainly due to the seamless, aerodynamic style of our electric vehicle family, which we have transferred to the SUV segment for the first time with the ID.4.”