Volkswagen is borrowing a new color from its ID.3 to help give the ID.R a shiny new paint job. For its lap(s) of the Goodwood Motor Circuit, the ID.R will have a familiar blue livery, but this time it will be complemented by Scale Silver. That’s the specific shade of silver that the ID.3 can be optioned in. The blue, meanwhile, is lifted from VW’s performance brand, R.
The color scheme will also be joined by a Union Jack to celebrate Goodwood. The flag will be made out of a hexagonal “honeycomb” structure that is now a hallmark of Volkswagen grilles.
“When we make it, it must be recognizable one-to-one as a member of the ID. family,” says Marco Pavone, Head of Exterior Design Volkswagen. “Of course, that is extremely challenging as you have to pay attention to other things when you are designing a high-performance vehicle. We managed to achieve this despite the aerodynamic challenges and I believe that customers and motorsport fans can recognize the car as an ID. member - even if you were to completely remove the decals.”
The question of putting decals on the car was a tricky one, thanks to the complex shape of the car. As Pavone points out, the big wheel arches mean that a wrap will always have to stretch and deform. That means that you have to design a pattern that’s all shrunk down in a really complicated way so that it stretches out into something that looks right.
“If you were to print a design like the ID. honeycomb on the film and then deform this in a three-dimensional manner, the honeycomb structure would no longer appear correctly,” said Pavone. "The design that we can implement is effectively limited to the surface where the film can deal with the deformation.”
It would be easier to paint the car, but in this context, paint is heavier than a wrap, so that was a no go. 
Again, as a visual reference to the ID.3, the ID.R’s wrap stops at the roof pillars. There, bare aluminum frames the windows. 
The ID.R will run at the newly minted Goodwood SpeedWeek, which replaces the Festival of Speed and the Revival, both of which were canceled this year to help keep people safe.