It seems like the Volkswagen Motorsport crew got bored waiting for Goodwood, so they’ve gone ahead and quietly set another track record, this time at Bilster Berg.
With a time of 1:24.206, the ID.R easily the previous lap record, set in 2016 by Step-1 MiKar C201B prototype, whatever that is, of 1:33.27. The record was set by test driver Dieter Depping.
“It was fantastic to finally see the ID.R back on the track after such a long time,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Sven Smeets. “It was an intensive and hugely successful test day at Bilster Berg and once again showed just what the ID.R and electromobility made by Volkswagen are capable of.”
Bilster Berg, for those not in the know, is a private track that operates a bit like Virginia International Raceway. Rich people can buy villas and garages to keep their supercars and run them ragged when they feel like it.
The record was set while VW Motorsport was preparing for the ID.R’s upcoming run at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The car will be put around the track in early October as part of Goodwood Speedweek, an event making up for the usual annual events that were missed as a safety measure.
"For us, the focus of the test was clearly on development and set-up work,” said Smeets. "I am particularly pleased for Dieter Depping that we came away with a track record. The outstanding work he has done for Volkswagen Motorsport for many years has been invaluable.”
Although Depping’s name may be a little unfamiliar when it comes to the ID.R, it shouldn’t be. Depping and Romain Dumas shared seat time in the EV, and Depping has long been involved in the project.
"Every one of our successful motorsport projects has benefitted from a wealth of valuable input from Dieter,” said Smeets. "Without him, the many records we have set with the ID.R would not have been possible.”