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Just about 2 years ago I purchased a 2000 GTI GLX VR6 from my Sales Manager at work who was looking to replace it with a 20AE he was picking up.

The Price Tag. $1800 bucks

Car needed an Alternator (which it came with) and a whole lot of TLC.

Current Mods were, Unitronic Tune, Badgeless Grill, Joey Modded Headlights, and a sweet turn down muffler made for a mk4 jetta, so you can picture how that looked melting itself out the back of the rear valance.

Where it all began

I Dug in thinking i would only have this car for maybe a year.. the car i replaced was a AEG mk4 jetta that i owned for 3 months

Here is the start of a long love hate relationship that not only removed my wallet from my pocket way more then expected, but grew to be one of my favorite cars ive owned.

On With the Coilovers, Longbeachs and Hood Bra. The coilovers came about 3 months in and ofcourse i went with the $200 rokkor tuning with a 3 yr warranty. not bad had them for a while. The Long beaches were acquired through a friends and the hood bra another.

A few mods inbetween such as, 20th Headliner, Black Suede Pillars, replacement of the green wood grain with the nice red. (i like it feels luxurious) Ocean tails compliments of a friendly Canadian a set of Ebay Helix Projector headlights and quite a few wiring issues later i was happy.

And then...

The Radiator Had Better Plans for my money.
Repaced Waterpump, Rad, Coolant Lines upper and Lower. Everything is new

Even After all that was said and done i still had minimal heat in the car.. one of my Techs at work said the climatronic was not fuctioning correctly. we looked around tested modules to find the blend doors were stuck.. the dash vent fell in. and the Climatrinic head unit was also bad..

out with the dash. Because Racecar, Heaterbox repair, and Climatronic fix

And then, This Happen.. After getting an accidental tank full of regular, I was on my way to a friends performance shop to grab a bottle of octane booster and i feel like i get rearended.. twice.. the second shot was brutal, saw the plume.. smelt gear oil and guess what. my then 229k trans decided it didnt want to be a part of my car anylonger.

While all that was out, decided to do the whole timing thing.. New Guides, Tensioners, Rails, Chains etc.

Found one of the guide rails was in pretty bad shape.. guess it was my transmissions way of saying, your about to be ****ed.

The Perks of working for a VW Dealer with Outstanding Techs. The 229k VR6 Lives on.

A few more weeks of nothing much changing and i get the OK from the owner of the dealer to run a booth at Waterfest.
So on with the detailing. Borrowed a set of wheels from a friend who is still looking to sell them

Then Waterfest Look on Zaubers. oh and an R bumper that i also acquired from work. (cracked in a few places from a raised manhole cover)

A few bonus checks later and i can finally afford a beautiful set of wheels that a friend of mine is selling from his mk4 days. These guys have been around the block or 2 or 3

Some wetsanding of the hood to remove some of the 12 years and 200+k miles of oxidation

A very good friend of mine by the name Mike Barry. decided it was time to do a shoot..
Light Painting, Night time, Rt17 and an idea brough upon us this fantastic photo

Time to switch up, in my opinion, my least favorite part of my car.. the stock NA gti rear.

Euro rear goodness

That time of the year came around.. it was time for the trip to ocean city. Alot of fun times we wont remember but here is one that will always stick around.
Play Time in the sand at H20i

RS6 B5 S4 pulled me out with a broken tie down strap. Thanks Claudio

Then Dubs on the Delaware (awesome show) on my current wheels. (AC Schnitzer Type 1)

The Off Season

Salty after a day of snowboarding

And then it began. About a month ago, i pulled the trigger. With the Odo. Currently Sitting at 246,xxx

Some for good Measure

If you made it here, I hope you enjoyed.. More mods to come.. Get ready for some changes to the AC Schnitzers come spring compliments of Espo's Powdercoating.

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Way to bring it around :thumbup:
thank you sir :thumbup:

consider an r rear?
i wanted to keep something along the lines of a GTI there.. since it isnt an R and i just got a deal on the front bumper.

NJ dubs:thumbup: north jersey by chance, i feel like ive seen a black fakie .:R once up here

very nice though, good luck:thumbup::thumbup:
oh and get me one of those bras
yes i work at Crestmont VW, live in Montclair but spend most of my time in Bergen County

You can really mess your car up from not putting premium in it?
being tuned for 93 it can.. during the fuel shortage from Hurricane Sandy i had to run premium.. fuel economy was 1/3 down from normal.. and on a car that averages 28.. thats pretty bad

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VR's can hold their own in the mileage department. My husband found his old '95 VR6 Passat locally recently. Its got well over 350k on it and still going strong. :thumbup:

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Good content :thumbup: Glad to see you are keeping up with the maintenance and racking up the miles.

Gives me some inspiration to keep mine going.
maintenance is so important... yea with the miles i drive it keeps on going

That is awesome :thumbup: How much did the R bumper set you back?
i am not aloud to divulge that information :laugh:

that mileage tho :eek: makes me realize theres hope for my vr! 102k and still going :p
plenty more miles to go.. keep it up

VR's can hold their own in the mileage department. My husband found his old '95 VR6 Passat locally recently. Its got well over 350k on it and still going strong. :thumbup:
yea weve seen a few here with about that here at VW
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