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I figure it's about time I got this together and posted - Bear with me while I get this organized :heart:

Build List
Garrett GT3071R
Tial 44mm wastegate
4 angle competition valve job
Stage 1 port
Cylinders bored
Block squared & decked
Assembly balanced
Crankshaft micropolished
Hand filed piston rings
Ferrea 1mm oversize intake & exhaust valves
Ferrea lifter shim kit
Supertech titanium valve springs & retainers
Wossner forged pistons 83.50mm, 9.2:1CR, 92.8mm stroke
Scat steel H beam rods, 144mm 20mm pin
Integrated Engineering valve guides
Integrated Engineering timing belt gear dowel pin kit
ARP crank damper bolt
ARP head studs
ARP main studs
Calico coated race rod bearings
Calico coated race main bearings
Golf R DV setup
Custom 3.5 inch intake piping
Custom 3.5 inch charge piping
New OEM lifters
RS4 injectors
RS4 fuel return valve
TT-RS in tank fuel pump
RS3 Fuel delivery control unit
BFI stage 2 motor mount and transmission mount
Eurojet CNC valve cover – powdercoated translucent blue
Eurojet VTA catch can – powdercoated translucent blue
Eurojet FMIC
ATP 3” DP A3 Quattro
Custom SS 3” catback
Snow stage 2 water/meth kit
42 Draft Designs oil pressure relocation kit
42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushings
Forge shortshifter, front to back & side to side
TT AWD 02M Transmission
Quaife LSD
Custom stage 3 endurance clutch
Raxles bulletproof V2.1d axles

Suspension & Brakes
Koni coilovers - Height and dampening adjustable
SuperPro R32 front & rear swaybars
R32 brakes, front & rear
USP Motorsport SS brakelines
S3 control arm brackets & bushings
Whiteline rear trailing arm bushings
Whiteline front & rear adj swaybar endlinks
VMR V710 18" wheels

Smoked side markers
Smoked mirror turns
Smoked tails
Black front emblem
Fog light open grilles
Rear wiper deleted
Shark fin antenna deleted

Interior & ICE
Corbeau front seats
Rear seat delete
Pioneer AVH-P4400DVD 7" screen
Euro dash tray
Euro headlight switch
NewSouth boost gauge
NewSouth oil pressure gauge
AEM AFR gauge
AEM water/meth failsafe kit w gauge

I took delivery of my Black Magic Pearl 2007 Package 1 6MT GTI July 14, 2006. I chose Package 1 because I wanted the Interlagos plaid seats. I had my choice from the first 3 2007 GTI’s my local dealer got, there were 3 Package 1’s in black, red and white. Looking back I wish I had picked white, but oh well I do like the black it’s just hard to keep black looking good. The only option on the car was the 18” wheels with summer performance tires. Sticker price was $24,850.
At first I didn’t want to change anything about the car, but we all know how that goes…
In the beginning! Completely stock and monster truck tall

First mod was lowering springs - May 2008

Second mod - REVO stage 1 flash - July 2009 @ Waterfest - it was at this point I was totally hooked with modding the car. I also picked up a Eurosport intake at Waterfest.

New APR SS DP & SS GHL catback exhaust - August 2009

VMR V710 wheels made a huge difference in appearance - H2oi - September 2009

Encourage 2.0T FSI cam follower awareness! Basically I upgraded to an APR hpfp and had just read about the cam follower issue on this motor so I thought it should be checked just in case when the new hpfp was installed and this is what my cam follower looked like! It also wore the plunger off the old hpfp and ruined the intake camshaft. This necessitated replacing the follower, intake cam (with an upgraded hardened 'b' version) along with a cam chain tensioner that was also broken. I don't know how, but the car still ran fine. - February 2010

Koni coilovers and H-Sport front and rear swaybars were installed in time for WiTW and went REVO stage 2+ - March 2010

R32 brakes all 4 corners - July 2010

I picked up some OZ Mito's off the 'tex for decent money and ran them for some of 2011, I like the stanced look but it wasn't practical for running the twisties which is what I like to do with the car

Trying out the fitment of the OZ's - needed all 4 degrees of negative camber in the rear

Dustoff 2011 rollers - thanks Seth and Krissy

Eurojet CNC valve cover and catch can powdercoated in translucent blue - September 2011

At H20i 2011 some douche-nozzle keyed my car and a friends of mine's car at the Astoria on the Sunday night a full week prior to the show. Insurance gave me a whopping $888 to fix the quarter panel, door and fender on the passenger side. Full vinyl wrap was chosen as it was either the motor build or a full respray this winter. In a couple of years I will either repaint the car BMP or go for a full color change.

I started accumulating a few things as sales pop up in the fall of 2011 around the holiday season such as a EJ stock location FMIC and BFI motor mounts


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Winter/Spring of 2012 the BT motor build begins and the car gets wrapped in matte black vinyl

I decided to go big turbo and chose the ATP hardware kit with the GT3071r as the foundation of the build. At first I was thinking I would just build the head because at the minimum I would have to have the head apart to clean all the carbon build up on the valves that is another common issue with the FSI motor. In talking to a few others on the ‘tex who had done similar builds and my local VW friends, I was convinced that if I was opening the motor up I might as well do the bottom end at the same time. I set my budget at 6K (I was so naïve!).

My ultimate goal for this build is to have a car that is road course track worthy, yet still streetable. I set my horsepower goal at ~500whp and am going with a fully custom tune from United Motorsport.

I had planned to run out the rest of the year on my stock clutch, but after pulling the motor and taking the transmission off found that there was enough wear (car now has roughly 122k) that it didn’t make sense to put the stock clutch back in. So I ordered up a South Bend stage 3 Endurance clutch. Then I decided that if I was going for a new clutch I should probably get an LSD. I chose a Wavetrac based on their biasing and was lucky enough to get in on a group buy over on the mkvgti forum.

Seth J did an amazing job on the vinyl wrap :D

Ryan & Blake pulled the motor out - February 2012 - and I spent about 3 hours with several spray bottles of Simple Green and a toothbrush scrubbing the crap out of the bay.

Old stock pistons are filthy

New Wossner pistons are gorgeous!!!

I chose R&L Engines in Dover, NH to do my machine work based on their reputation for meticulous work and many recommendations from friends who had work done there. Again I was very naive regarding what machine work would need to be done to my motor to achieve my goals and after talking at length and in great detail to Leo at R&L realized that I would need about 3x my original machine work budget. So now with this and the new clutch and diff I raised my budget to 12K.

Block is back from R&L - April 2012

The rest of the motor is back as well - just in boxes! - April 2012 :shock:

Had East Coast European in Greenland, NH assemble the block and head - May 2012 - Awesome service at East Coast, they were on point with estimated cost and time and did a thorough job. Or so I thought at the time :(

And Blake has put some of the other stuff back on the motor

From the turbo side - still not final position but you get the idea

Blake installed the front adjustable sway bar end links and the rear adjustable sway bar end links are waiting to go in (had to source a 14mm triple square of the proper length)

All was going fairly smoothly, if a bit slowly up until the diff install. I got several recommendations for a transmission shop to install the Wavetrac LSD in my transmission. This transmission shop in Plaistow, NH shall remain nameless, but lets just say they couldn't have been more incompetant. The transmission was there about a month and a half and they assured me they had done several LSD installs in O2Q transmissions. They insisted that Wavetrac had sent me the wrong LSD. I got a hold of Wavetrac and gave them the phone number to the transmission shop. They went back and forth for several weeks with Wavetrac (Autotech) bending over backwards trying to help them put the LSD in correctly. Finally the transmissin shop called and told me they just couldn't do it and it I would still have to pay them for their time.

In the meantime Wavetrac asked me to mail them my stock LSD and the Wavetrac LSD. I sent them off to California from Massachusetts. Wavetrac called me up and said the LSD was the correct one, but that the transmission shop had ruined both bearings on the LSD by hammering them on. Wavetrac graciously replaced the bearings for free and offered to arrange for a local distibutor in the Boston area to install my LSD. I honestly can't say enough good things about the superb customer service from Wavetrac/Autotech!

When the diff arrived back in the mail, I hauled it and the disassembled transmission off to Shine Racing in Attleboro, MA. Anyone in the New Engalnd area knows that Dick Shine is a legend in the VW/Audi racing world in the North East. Dick opened up my transmission case and found that the shop in Plaistow had tried to split the case without removing the thowout bearing by prying it apart. That transmission shop had also ruined every shim and race bearing in the transmission and managed to bend the reverse shift fork. The transmission case was so damaged that it needed to be decked so it could be put back together without leaking like a sieve.

Shine Racing had my transmission completely rebuild and the diff installed in just over a week and that was only because they had to wait for parts. This was a very expensive lesson learned on my part. Just because a shop is recommended and says they know what they're doing doesn't mean they're any good. So now basically 2 months was wasted because of the nameless transmisison shop in Plaistow and my diff install cost $1400 - FU Plaistow Transmssion shop!

Motor is back in the car end of August 2012 but tons of stuff remains to be finished such as installing the water meth, axles, finishing the battery relocate wiring, finishing the gauge wiring and deciding how to run the dump valve

September 7th, 2012 - Had the car towed to my friend Josh's shop yesterday so he could vband the new dp to the old ghl cat back. Had to tow it because the bleeder for the clutch took a dump and the part was of course special order.

V-banded exhaust work by Josh


Passenger side charge pipe

Motor looks more together, but still needs a good cleaning!

Front bumper is wrapped and I put about 100 miles on the car today to start breaking in the motor! The drive went well. I'm still getting used to the clutch and such but boy does it really move even just on the base tune. Still not sure if I'll be on a base tune or final tune for H2o


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Last I saw EJ website said it was under development for fsi, a week ago
This didn't make sense to me since EJ has had an FSI valve cover for a couple years so I checked out their website and lo and behold the valve cover is no longer listed under MKV products. Hmmm makes me think that they are redesigning it and that must be what you saw last week. Weird
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