The Mk7.5 Golf may still be as fresh as a daisy but VW is already testing the next generation Golf on track.

Unfortunately, as a result of this being such an early look--production isn't supposed to begin until June 2019--there isn't all that much to see from the outside. 

Hiding under what appear to be old body panels, it's unlikely we'll even get to see a camouflaged Golf 8 for a while. Around the high-speed corners you can see how ill-fitting this duct-taped body really is as it rolls over the wheels.

Inside, though, the new gear selector is borrowed from VW's very latest models like the new Touareg and Arteon, suggesting that the up-market push isn't just for the halo cars.

The tartan seats and front bumper are also from a GTI, for whatever that's worth. Under the hood, we get to see a familiar four-cylinder, which sounds about right. 

Rumors suggest that next generation of Golfs will get all kinds of the latest tech including a 48-volt mild hybrid system, as well as the ability coast even in an automatic. Both technology copped from Audi.

As ever, Americans shouldn't expect to see the Golf 8 for a good year after it's revealed in Europe, but hey. Maybe the new management will get us the Golf sooner.