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FYI this thread will not be sticky-ed but it has been bookmarked in the DIY sticky thread

Viewer Rules:
1- Keep the thit tchat to a MINIMUM (no childish talk here)
2- Viewing is nice, contributing is better, get creative and post something new too ;)
3- Enjoy

Contributor Rules:
1- The mod cost less than $100 (if more use the expensive little mods thread)
2- Check the Index below before posting your mod to avoid duplicates (press CTRL+F to search)
3- If the mod hasn't been posted yet, create a new thread on this forum and come here to add your entry.
4- Use the template below

::::::: Mod Name:
::::::: Why Worth It:
::::::: Cost:
::::::: Parts needed:
::::::: Where to buy:
::::::: Time required:
::::::: Difficulty:
::::::: DIY Link: (no external website link, you must provide a link to a thread on this forum)
::::::: Picture(s): (1 picture required, 3 max)

GLOSSARY (please report invalid link)

Exterior - Bodykits, Bumpers, Side skirts, Valances, Badges, Front End Conversions, Wipers, Mirrors, Windows, Sunroof

Smocked Front License Plate in lower grill
Front End Swap
Rear Emblem Background Removal
Euro Image MK4 Rear Wiper Delete
Rear wiper delete
Roof Rack Paint Proctection
Front Tow Hook With Bumper Vent
Votex Look-A-Like Mod
Painting Mirror Caps
Painting Emblem Background
Avus's Emblem Swap For GTI/Golf Mod Only)
Front License Plate to Vent relocation
Steve's Spoons (Smaller Mirrors)
DIY Eyebrows
Black Out Grill
Painted Rocker Black
Blacked Out Pillars Between Side Windows
Front Plate Relocation
DIY Big Mud Flaps
Coolant Heater Lower Grill Outlet
Painted Side View Mirror Caps
OEM Votex Rood Rack Second Skin
DIY Skid Plate
Front License Plate Hole Filler
Textured Rubstrips
DOT Reflectors
Another License Plate Hole Filler
Painted Front Emblem
Sleek-Look Windshield
DIY VAG Jackpad
Metal Hood Latch Pull Tab
Wood Roof Rack
Carbon Fiber Mirrors
Front Plate Hole Delete/Cover Up
Cracked Front Lip Zip-Tie Fix
Custom European License Plates
Rain Tray Painting
Porsche Turbo emblem
LED's Behind Front Emblem
Replacement Rubber Trim for OEM Roof Racks
Stubby Antenna
Paint bumper grilles color of your choice

Exterior Lighting - Headlights, Tailights, turn signals, side markers

Yellow High Beams
Parking Light LED Upgrade
Bumper marker replacement
Brake Light Flasher Module
Black Folder Headlight Insert
Red Tint Your Taillights R/R/R/R
LED Lower Grill Amber Turn Signals (MKIV MK4 Golf GTI)
Smoked or amber sidemarkers
Clear Headlight Protection Covers
Disabling DRL's
Side View Puddle Lights
Amber City Lights
DIY Fog Lights
Christmas Lights on Roof Rack
Clear Side and Rear View Mirrors
Dual Blinker Mod
Turn Signals as DRL's
Smoked Headlight Turn Signals
Dual Turn Signals
Blacked Out Turn Signals and Side Markers
Glowing Trunk Emblem
LED Bumper Daytime Running Lights
Smoking and Blacking Out Side Markers
Removing the Amber Color From Tail Lights
Red/Clear/Red Tails
LED Lit Trunk/LED Trunk Lighting
Taillight Tint
HID Upgrade

Interior - Rattles, squeaks, shift knobs, steering wheels, trim kits, gauge clusters, gauges, seats, alarm, heating and A/C, interior disassembly, interior lighting

Flat Trunk aka Rear seat Delete (with custom floor carpet)
Trunk Wood floor
Custom Door Sills
Interior Refresh (Fabric Wrapping)
Under Dash Neons
Painting Rear View Mirror
Fire Extinguisher Safety Mod
GPS Mounting In Empty Button Blanks
Interior LED's
Sound Activated Neon Light
W8 Console
Glove Box LED Lights
Glove Box LED Strip
Air Ride Compressor Box
Cell Phone Holster
Brushed look Door Pulls and Steering Wheel Emblem
Door Pin Delete Mod (aka The Brody Mod)
Bullet Casing Door Pins
Red Stitched Interior
Boost Controller in Cup Holder Mod
Cup Holders in Arm Rest Mod
5 Panel Mirror
Fire Extinguisher Trunk Mounting DIY
Armrest Delete
Sock Mod
Matching Seatbelt Clasps
iPhone/iPod Holder
Forge "Big Knob" Shift Knob Install
Passat Look MkIV Cluster
DIY Camera Mount
Arm-rest Tool Box
Rear View Mirror Glasses Holder
Steering-Wheel Cover
Golf Ball Shifter (With 6th Gear Delete)
Flip Key Holster/Protector
Flip Down Visor Plate
Cracked Front Lip Zip-Tie Fix and Red Accent Shift Knob
Crown Royal Shift Bag
6" Under Dash Interior Neons
The Shoe Polish Restore (Leather Seats)
Free Key Badge Replacement!
Sticker Bombed Center Console
Grip Tape On Pedals
Ashtray iPod Holder
iPod / iPhone Functional Dock in Ashtray
Automatic Shift Knob/5 Speed Look Exchange
20th Inspired Painted Interior Pieces
Patterned Mirror Mod

Interior Electronics - Audio/Video, Subwoofers, Radar Detectors, MP3 Players, GPS, Keyfobs, Alarm modifications, window controllers, cruise control

Neons Trunk Lighting
Extend Keyfob Range
Cheap iPod Interface Using CD Changer Port
AUX In Filter
Dual Siren
P.A. Speaker
COGA-PA Public Address and Musical Car Horn
Instant Hidden Radio Faceplate
Back-Up Sensors
Back-Up Beeper
DIY Louder more Masculine Lock Horn
JB Mod - Aux Input Via Tape Deck Hack
Flush Double Din
Cigarette Lighter Stereo Hissing Sound Magic Trick
Sub Immobilizer

Suspension - Shocks, Springs, Coilovers, Swaybars, Strutbars, Stressbars
Front Upper Stress Bar (Strut Bar)
Sway Bar Delete
Rust Proofing Coilovers
Rokkor Coilovers
Prevent the Front Sway Bar (FSB) / Axle From Rubbing
Airlift 1000 for Lowered Car

Wheel and Tire

Wheel Well Vent
Audi TT Style Vent Mod
Painted Winter Steelies
Resprayed Wheels
Wheel Adapters

Brakes - Calipers, carriers, rotors, pads, brake light switch

Paint Your Calipers

Transmission - Automatic and Manual, Starter

OEM Shift Knob on B&M Shifter
DIY Short Shifter
Custom Shifter Assembly

Drivetrain - Items/Issues that are common across drivetrains (Engine/Transmission). Fault codes, coilpacks, 02 sensors, EDL and ASR, Oil, battery, engine mounts, bushings, bearings and hubs, axles, fuel filter.

Vacuum Reservoir relocate(1.8T)
VF Dogbone Mount
ECS Dogbone Mounts
Renewing Your Engine Bay
DIY Detailing Your Engine Bay
Lower Control Arm Bushing Install
Coolant Heater Install
Protecting Ignition Coil Harness
Trash Can Heat Shield
JohnsonMOD (One Way Check Vavle, DV Modification)
Sexy Valve Cover
Smooth Lower Engine Cover
Boost Hose Kit & Turbo Inlet Hose
Front Mount Intercooler
Cheap Catch Can Mod

Intake and Exhaust - Cold Air Intakes, airboxes, CAI's, filters, exhaust systems and components

Stiffen Exhaust Hanger
Custom SRI Air Intake
Mini Keg Heat Shield
Intake Bore Out Mod
Resonator Delete
DIY Polished Intake
SAI Breather Filter


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (kilimats)

::::::: Mod Name: Smocked Front License Plate in lower grill
::::::: Why worth it: looks cool
::::::: Cost: smocked license plate cover on ebay @ $20 shipped + Zip ties and black electrical tape in the garage @ $0
::::::: Online Store URL: Search Ebay

::::::: Time required: 15min
::::::: Difficulty: Easy
::::::: DIY:
1- Put the smocked cover on the plate and black tape the lower part only
2- take the lower grill off
2- zip tie the two upper license plate holes to the grill
3- zip tie ONE lower hole to the grill to have the plate stick on the grill
4- Put the grill back in (adjust zip tie if necessary)
::::::: Picture(s):

Modified by kilimats at 3:42 PM 10-9-2009

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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (kilimats)

::::::: Mod Name: Debadge
::::::: Applies to: All
::::::: Cost: Little to none
::::::: Time required: 10 minutes
::::::: Difficulty: Easy
::::::: DIY:
1. Get dental floss or fishing line
2. Heat up badge using your moms hair dryer
3. Wedge dental floss/fishing line under the badge using a back and forth motion
4. Once badge is off, use Goo Gone to get the rest of the adhesive off.
5. I reccommend waxing underneith once everything is clean

::::::: Picture(s):

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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (Black Lavender)

::::::: Mod Name: Stubby Antenna
::::::: Cost: 10-20 dollars
::::::: Where to buy: stubbyantenna.com
::::::: Time required: 30 seconds
::::::: Difficulty: Easy
::::::: DIY:
1.Unscrew old antenna
2.Screw on new antenna


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (maddenbowler)

::::::: Mod Name: smoked or amber sidemarkers
::::::: Cost: 25-35 dollars
::::::: Time required: 5 minutes
::::::: Difficulty: Easy
::::::: DIY:
1.Wrap a wrag around tip of flathead screwdriver.
2. Slide sidemarker back and pop out
3. Pull bulb assembly off the back and slide on the new one
4.pop the new one in
5. admire work
Site::::: parts4euro, Ecstuning


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Last ones my fav. I think there used to be a used sticky thread like this involving 2.0 cheap mods but im not saying theres nething wrong with this infact if anyone can find me the old thread thatd be awesome.

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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (kilimats)

::::::: Mod Name: Paint bumper grilles color of your choice
::::::: Applies to: Jetta / Golf / etc ? All
::::::: Cost: $5
::::::: Online Store URL: http://www.krylon.com/products/fusion_for_plastic/ (I usually get this product at Wal Mart or K-Mart)
::::::: Time required: 1 to 1 1/2 hours
::::::: Difficulty: Easy
::::::: DIY:
-Remove bumper grilles.
-Wipe dust/dirt of with micro fiber for best results.
-Find a good place and surface to paint.
-Lay out grilles and spray a couple coats evenly across grilles from top to bottom.
-Let them dry.
-Give it another coat if you want.
-Once completely dry or after about a hour reinstall the bumper grilles on the car.
::::::: Picture(s):
Before Paint in Bumper:

One painted and one unpainted:

After Paint in Bumper:

Whole Front of Car With Painted Bumper Grilles:

Modified by VR6VDub172 at 1:41 PM 9-6-2009

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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (pdethier)

^ nice drawing pdethier, explaining it without a pic can be a challenge

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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (brittanyashford)

::::::: Mod Name:FAKE(laminate) Wood floor in hatch GTI/GOLF
::::::: Cost: less than $50
::::::: Online Store URL: go to home depot
::::::: Time required: 2 hours?
::::::: Difficulty: 1-10 i say a 5
::::::: DIY:here you go. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4027487
::::::: Picture(s):


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (kilimats)

::::::: Cost:less than $10
::::::: Online Store URL:N/A
::::::: Time required:30 min
::::::: Difficulty:2(sharp objects)
::::::: DIY: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4170845
::::::: Picture(s):


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (foundubbedriver)

::::::: Cost: ~$10
::::::: Store: Ebay or electronic shops
::::::: Time required: 30min
::::::: Difficulty: average (needs to have basic electrical skills)
::::::: DIY: more here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4414568
1: Buy a Fake Alarm RED BLINKING LED

2: Connect the LED Black Wire to the Radio harness black wire
3: Connect the LED Yellow Wire to the Radio harness RED wire (yes red)
4: Connect the LED RED Wire to the Radio harness Yellow wire (yes yellow lol)
5: Confirm that the LED blinks when key removed and shut off when key is turned
6: Drill a hole somewhere and fit the LED in


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (kilimats)

::::::: Mod Name: Bumper marker change up
::::::: Cost: 10-15
::::::: Online Store: http://us-shop.goingfast.com/p....html
::::::: Time required: 5 Min
::::::: Difficulty:Easy

::::::: DIY: push in the front of the marker and towards the front of the car
While your pushing in and forward. take a flat head screwdriver at the back of the marker slide the rear forward and out
Disconnect the bulb and change to a differenc color if you so choose. (i use a white bulb with my white markers)
install is reverse of removal

::::::: Piktars:


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Re: :::::::::::: Official Cheap Little Mods Thread (703whiplashVR)

Quote, originally posted by 703whiplashVR »
::::::: Mod Name: Bumper marker change up

wrap the screwdriver in a rag or electrical tape. save yourself forom any gouges or scratches.
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