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11/29/08****This is now being re-vamped.****
Goal is to make new threads and link to them instead of linking to individual pages in THIS thread. If you see anything in this FAQ that needs it's OWN (or already has) thread please let me know OR create one and PM me the link. Please be careful to NOT create a new thread if it is already linked to in this thread.

Welcome to the Golf/Jetta MK3 Do-It-Yourself, How-To and Frequently Asked Question Thread.
This thread has step-by-step instructionals, links to helpful sites, and useful threads pertaining to many of the most commonly asked questions here in the MK3 section of VWVortex. Thanks to the users for their contributions in the past and please continue to add more in the future.
Everyone who posts and has something added to the FAQ will be credited along side the link. If we forgot anyone please let us know.
How to add something to the FAQ?
If you have anything that you would like added to this list, or to report broken links, please contact one of the moderators.

Don't forget our Technical Forums that are broken down into more specific sections like interior, car audio and electronics, specific engines, transmissions etc.

To search within this thread, please press Control+F or Open Apple+F on your keyboard. (Note: Just because nothing is returned does not mean that it is not here, your search term may not be used in the description). Many items and issues may fit into all categories, so it is best to spend a couple minutes looking through the whole thread.
01) FYI Basics on Car Stuff/Facts Etc...
02) Lighting & Electrical
03) Interior-Related How-To's & Modifications
04) Brakes, Suspension, & Steering
05) Bodywork, Painting, Exterior...
06) Engine, Exhaust, & Ignition
07) Transmission & Clutch
08) Other, Maintenance, resources (incl website list)
09) European Mods or related
10) Wheels & Tires
11) MK3-Specific Audio / Media / Etc
12) Miscellaneous FAQ's/DIY Compilations
If this format is hard to read, please click this link for a "different" format" - THANKS TO: 98wolfsburgJetta
And yet another format. This one was an alternative to the original FAQ so I'm not so sure that it's better at this point and some links do NOT work. Just adding this as yet another alternative.

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Re: The

Lighting & Electrical
Lighting Forum FAQ / DIYLighting Forum
Fogs as DRL's (Sorry, pics don't work anymore - VinceQc
Disable Daytime Running Lamps (DRL's) - George
Disable Seatbelt Chime - TooSlow2Point0
DIY: How to Relay your HID-Equipped MK3 Car - nater
DIY: My 2nd "True" HID Retrofit: MK4 Golf/Bora OEM HIDs Projectors into MK4-Looks with pics - nater
DIY: My 3rd "True" HID Retrofit: MK5 Ecode HID Projectors into Inpro MK4-Looks with pics - nater
Make a switch to run city lights only without a euro switch - makenramen
The MK3 Euro Switch Information Thread - ventoCL
HID Install into MK4 Look lamps (inpro projectors) - V a V jetta W 3 6
Converting single bulb Golf lights to stock GTI headlights - Red Baron Golf
E-Code Wiring Diagram - FlyersFn32
FK Powerlook Angel Eye Wiring (Sorry, pics don't work right now) - AaronD
Disable DRL's in 1995-early 1996 cars - VR6 Mk3
Disable DRL's - Another option - 16vpower
Enabling Rear Fog on US-Spec MK3's - Multiple topics discussed in this thread - DomozitoLK
Inexpensive Taillight Smoking/Tinting - Multiple topics discussed in this thread - DomozitoLK
More: Inexpensive Taillight Smoking/Tinting - ninety9gl
Turn Signal Smoking DIY - Pats16vGTI
Removing the Amber in your GLX Taillights - SSjetta
PIAA Ion Crystal/MaxGold yellow bulbs for fogs and headlights - Multiple topics discussed - DomozitoLK
Air Conditioning Light Removal - nikocb
Joey Mod your Headlights - vwjn311
Installing Euro-spec Headlights (including wiring) - EchoOfGecko
Climate Control Bulb Replacement DIY - yeayeayea
More info regarding the wiring of your Euro-spec lamps - AlexiGTIVR6
Rear Fog Installation Instructions - DaveNY
Euro Switch install - Red Baron Golf
DIY: N/A Headlight Switch to Euro Switch for

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Re: The

Interior-Related How-To's & Modifications
Myths/Facts about MK3.5 & MK4 Steering Wheels - FlyersFn32
MK4 Cabrio Cluster Swap info - George
Steering Wheel making "gritty" or "scratchy" noises when I turn it. What's going on? - Multiple topics discussed in this thread. - DomozitoLK
Cigarette Lighter Fix - Multiple topics discussed. - DomozitoLK
Installing Dash-Mounted Door Lock Switch to Early-Model MK3's - jtdunc
My Door Lock Broke! How do I fix it? (Part #'s enclosed) - DaveNY & huckedup16
My Power Door Locks are "Hissing", How to Fix? - Amin Ahmadi
Cutting/Shortening Gear Shifter - GS Audio
Leather boot with mk3 shift knob - mtl_jetta_gt
Switchblade Key Info / "How To" - Sebeck1
Switchblade Key "How-To" - Cybersombosis
Removing Door Panels - timmybgood
2L Push-Start How-To (might work on VR6) - XSiVE
Another Push Button Start How-To - Supervan II
Installing TT Pedals - Red Baron Golf
Installing TT pedal covers (5 speed) - GTIhler
One-Touch Sunroof - 19 GTi VR6 98 & Air_Cooled_Nut
More on the One-Touch Sunroof - NorthernWolfsburg
Instrument Cluster: Removing Needles & Removing Cluster - Hobbs & Air_Cooled_Nut
Instrument Cluster: Removing to Replace (or change color of) bulbs - corrado1013
Instrument Cluster: Reversing your LCD's - ozglxvr6
How to fix your Speedometer - sixblade
How to fix your Speedometer (Another solution) - mhjett
How to fix your Speedometer (Yet Another solution) - dirtylittlesmurf
Instrument Cluster: Bouncy Tach/Speedo Needle? - ryan2425
Installing Back-Lit Instrument Cluster Needles - ghoxt
Cluster Needle Swap DIY (link to thread) - nfx
Shifter Thread Size 2L (bottom of his post) - lowazzgolf
Trunk Light for OBDI Cars - DubberFromCT
More on the Trunk Light - Matt H
Retrofit Glove Box - Matt H
Retrofit Glove Box (Another Option) - Dan J Reed
Glove Box Handle DIY - Since it Always Breaks. - VOLKSATAN
Remote Keyless Entry - Matt H
MK4 Knob/Boot in MK3 - DubberFromCT
Removing the Headliner & Sunroof - SilverBullet006
Manual Window Regulator Removal - Teets
Window Regulator Removal - George
Window Regulator Removal (Another Option) - jtdunc
And Yet Another Window Regulator Fix Option - smokedvdub
Rear Window Regulator Removal (Another Option) - Neuspeed_VR6
Climate Control Bulb Replacement DIY - yeayeayea
Climate Control Bulb Replacement DIY #2 - vr6power !
MK2 Recaro's in MK3 - autocross16vrocco
MK4 Seats in MK3 - 98DUB
Making Jetta seats flip forward for GTI use - punkassjim
Removing Seat Upholstry (Sorry No Pics) - DHill
Installing Front/Rear Seats - jtdunc
B3 to MK3 Dome Light Swap - LilBlkCL
Center Console Lid Locked (and lost key)? - jtdunc
Heated Seats Heater Element/Seat Padding Replacement - Bariman82
Removing HVAC Vents for Cleaning DIY - chipmunkpie
OEM MK3 Radio Delete Panel Part # (Dealer = $10.00): 1H0 857 231 A01C - maxslug
DIY: MK2 Recaro's installed in MK3 - mysonsaysaudi
MK3 Golf rear headrest DIY - golfkid1.8
MKIV Dash Swap DIY - VRTmonster
Installing B4 Passat seats in a mk3 jetta - toothbrush

B4 interior in MK3 Jetta - TOOTHPICK

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Re: The

Bodywork, Painting, Exterior...
Paint Codes for any Car - handsome_matt
More Car Colors - DonSessoG60
More Paint Codes - bluejettaVR6
And even more on paint codes - bikerboy
And more on colors/paint codes - Euro Hillbilly
Paint Codes, broken down by year (with some pics) - Authored by: Various....... and linked to by: beyond belief
Shaved Bumper DIY - Authored by: CountBlah....... and linked to by: DaddyOfPayton
Ghetto Side Skirts - wolf799
Stock Side Skirts Install DIY - DubberFromCT
Replacing Door Latches DIY - brobsrabbit
Hood Latch/Cable Break or Come off? Get in here - VR6OOM
More Paint Code Info - OhioBenz & [email protected]
Door Handles are Interchangeable from Right to Left - George
M3 Mirror Install? - ichiban5 & punkassjim
Remove Your GTi Rear Window Spoiler - George
Front & Rear Bumper Removal - Darrell
Door Molding: Fixing non clip-on type - iamdoingthat & cjbuchanan
De-Badging your MK3 - iamdoingthat
Removing Factory Side-Skirts (all models except Cabrio - iamdoingthat
Easiest / Cheapest Hoodstruts - timmybgood
Ghetto Hood Lifts / Hood Struts - Matt H
Smoked Fogs DIY - soccergk
Are your rear window channel connectors chipped and/or rusting? - __enos__
Tinting Your Foglights, Markers, Reflectors, turn Signals With Smoked Film - jtdunc
Tinting/Smoking your Taillights DIY - FORUM720
Jetta M3 Taillights (pics not working) - ventovolkswagen
Another Detailed DIY on Hood Lifts / Hood Struts - domlicious
Faded Door Handle Solution - kitty
Another Faded Door Handle Solution - stoicbmx
European Bumper Install (scroll down) - EchoOfGecko
Deleting Passenger Side Keyhole (1993-1995) - 28
Blacked-Out VW Emblem - VR6-Racer
Blue & White Emblem (scroll down) - VR6-Racer
Painting Parts of your Engine Bay (scroll down) - VR6-Racer
How to Clean Wax and Stuff off Textured Plastic (scroll down) - VR6-Racer
Installing Euro VR6 Lip - DubberFromCT
Euro Front Rebar on NA Radiator Support - EuroVR6Mk3
Swapping in Euro License Plate "tub" - Air_Cooled_Nut
Installing Bonrath Mono-Wiper - Air_Cooled_Nut
CL Style Plugged Rear Wiper for MK3 Golfs/GTi's - Slapshotnerd
VW Accessory Lower Grill Covers - golfSPORT95
DIY Mesh Grill - _muppet_
FUBA Install - Matt H
More of FUBA Install - Dan J Reed
Painting your 2L Intake Manifold - Wheel Man
SEAT Toledo Lip Spoiler Install - DubberFromCT
GLX Spoiler Install - Teets
Corrado Rear Spoiler Retrofit - PrimaVW
Removing Painted Pin Stripes - Gibson5469
Fender Telescoping Antenna to Stubby Antenna Mod - Cybersombosis
Removing Hard Water Spots from Windows - daviddepin
Removing Window Tint - daviddepin
Removing Window Tint (option 2) - pineapplegti & WhenDubsCry
Removing Window Tint (option 3) - nater
Removing Rear Hatch Glass - _muppet_
How I Fixed my Sagging GTi Doors - j-dub
Key Blank Codes for Votex Roof Rack Keys - Gibson5469
GTi Rear Spoiler Removal - mrwarrenpiece
DIY door molding install (bodyshop secrets revealed!) - 2deepn2dubs

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Re: The

Engine & Exhaust
Timing Belt Job Problem: Why some ABA Cranks *could* be mis-manufactured - planrforrobert
GIAC (Garrett) Chips are one of the best performers - Dyno Proven. Multiple topics discussed. - DomozitoLK
Bore Out Your Throttle Body - gltuner
2L Coolant Leak? Maybe it's from here? - tjm0852
"Swiss-Cheese" your airbox (Applies to MK3 & MK4) - ez.roller
Make your own Intake - iansjetta
Cat-Back Performance Exhaust Install with plenty of pics - fatlard
VR6 Throttle Body Coolant Line By-Pass - rbberbbyggybmpers
Various Manufacturers Camshaft Spec's for 2L 8V Motors - Multiple topics discussed in this thread. - DomozitoLK
Can I see an ABD Big-Bore Intake / or is it worth it? - Multiple topics discussed in this thread. - DomozitoLK
What Headers are Available for my 2L 8V? - Multiple topics in this thread. - DomozitoLK
DIY: airbox/intake modification write-up - Breezy.
VR6 General Exhaust Info for normally aspirated engines - Breezy.
Mk4 exhaust manifold install - hockeystar17mnj
Hockey Puck Motor Mount "Mod" Discussion/DIY - gtvento13
How to build a relatively inexpensive, reliable, powerful Vr6. - root beer

Serpentine Belt Removal/Install VR6 (with belt routing diagram) - www.GTi-VR6.net
Changing Spark Plugs - 2L - Clean97GTi
Changing Timing Belt - 2L - fatlard
Various Maintenance-Related How-To's - VR6 Mk3
More Various Maintenance-Related How-To's - FlyersFn32
Easy VR6 Upper Intake Manifold Removal - FatSean
Secondary Air Injection (SAI) Delete (For Off Road Use Only) - Various Members - MK3 Forum Thread
VR6 Alternator Removal & Installation - GTIaudiophile
PCV - How to Modify when it Breaks - Massboykie
W8 Oil Filter on 12V VR6 to Add Oil Capacity (to help cool oil) - brettpep
Non-K&N Cone-Style Paper Filter w/o the Oil "Mess" - brettpep
CEL / CPU "trouble codes" and their meanings - PhrequenC
More CEL / CPU "trouble codes" and their meanings - D Hill
VW-Specific & Generic OBDII Codes & their Meanings - Black Golfer
Testing Some Engine Sensors. School is in Session Boys. - Dan J Reed
Tired of your Heavy Center Suitcase/Muffler? Try this! - brettpep
Setting Readiness (from Bentley) - Jhayesvw
Spark Plug Install Tips - MasterJ220
MAF: Think you may have a MAF-Related Issue? - Ed52
General DIY: Porting your Cylinder Head - Provided by: stevegolf. Authored by: sa-motorsports.com
Timing Chains DIY - VgRt6
DIY: How to Re-ground your VR6 - neildorin
DIY 2.0 igniton coil testing - tjm0852
DIY 2.0 TB cleaning - tjm0852
DIY Oil funnel dipstick replacement - capsolo99
Cheap Epoxy Coil Pack ( coilpack ) Fix - 2L coil but works for VR6 coilpack - chameleon78
How to build a relatively inexpensive, reliable, powerful Vr6. - root beer
Replacing an alternator on your 2.0 ABA - new2

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Re: The "Official" Golf / Jetta MK3 Forum FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ (nater)

Quote, originally posted by iwanaleya »
Suspension Tuning
It is dependant on what you the driver are looking for. i.e. Is it going to be a daily driver with going to the 1/4 or road track is once or twice a month or is it more than that? Are you going to want to sit at one height or do you want adjustability do you not mind a harsh ride or do you want it soft? And please don't say you want it soft as stock, while a comfortable ride is not impossible for going lower you do sacrafice comfortability for that all too cool lowness! So before asking this all to vague question give us a little more infomation about you and your driving style and we can help you with whats right for you instead of what's popular at the minute.

And feel free to use the search Function


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Re: The "Official" Golf / Jetta MK3 Forum FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ (nater)

Jetta Model Trim Differences:

Quote, originally posted by JonnyBoy-17 »
Here's the differences in all models/trims/editions of jettas (lowest to highest)
-City/Celebration Editions-2.0 4cyl, manual windows/mirrors, only model with some with no a/c, models in 95 i believe
-GL-normal, base trim level-2.0 4 cyl, manual windows/mirrors, everything else were options, available 93-99.0
-Jazz Edition-2.0 4cyl, manual windows/mirrors, sunroof, cd changer, few options available, available on in 97
-Trek (lower end)-2.0 4cyl, manual windows/mirrors, sunroof, available in 96, cheaper seats, red/smoked tails
-GT-2.0 4cyl, all options except no power windows/mirrors, funky pattern-bolstered seats, red/smoked tails. 97-98
-GLS-2.0 4cyl normal, mid trim level, power windows/mirrors, sunroof, options available (including leather-wrapped seats), 93-99.0
-K2/Trek (higher end)-2.0 4cyl, power windows/mirrors, k2 or trek (depending on model) stitched red seats-bolstered, all options, red/smoked tails, 98
-Wolfsburg Edition-2.0 4cyl, all options except vr6 engine, bolstered seatssmoked/red tails, 96 & 98
-GLX-2.8 6cyl VR6, highest end, only model with VR6 engine, all options (cloth available as de-leathered option as well), leather-bolstered seats std, red/smoked tails, 94 is the only german built jetta, 94-99.0
edit: thanks for the additions guys, i just saw like 3 posts on the front page about model diffs, so i thought i'd try to help

[Modified by JonnyBoy-17, 10:38 PM 11-28-2002]

Quote, originally posted by DZCad90 »
Phew, i think i got em all on there, let me know if i forgot one http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Close.. You forgot TDI

TDI's were available in late MY1997 / 1998 / 1999.
The TDI obviously is equipped with VW's 1.9l Turbo Direct Injection Diesel engine. This engine produces 90HP/149Ft#.
TDI's were available in several configurations: (Each configuration includes all options above it)
1. Base (No A/C, Base sound) (Very rare. I've only seen it at the Auto Show.)
2. Premium Sound
3. Sunroof
4. Convience Package (Orlando Alloy Wheels, Heated Mirrors and Washer Jets, and Power Windows)
5. ABS.
All configurations were available with optional metallic paint.

[Modified by DZCad90, 8:18 PM 11-25-2002]

Quote, originally posted by JettaTrek »
JonnyBoy, wrong on your specs.
I'll just correct what I know, the Trek model.
Trek editions were only available in '96 and '97 model years.
1996 Trek models I think only came in the Jetta, while in 1997 there was the Trek edition Jetta and Golf.
1996 models did not have standard alloys, roof antenna, and a host of other options.
1997 Jetta Trek, which I obviously know much about, had these standard upgraded options:
side skirts, fuba roof antenna (non-powered), fog lights, spoiler, darkened tail lamps, rear disk brakes, five spoke alloys, bolstered seats (same as GLX) in special canvas-type fabric, upgraded thicker floor mats with retaining knobs, silver face gauges, leather steering wheel and boot, trunk cargo mesh, rear seat reading lights, and of course the rack and bike. The plastic bins attached to the front seats mights also be an upgrade. A sunroof was an option, power windows/mirrors was an option. Cruise and AC might have been an option. The Golf Trek was similar but got rear drum brakes.
The 1997 model came in black, red, white, and silver only.
There was no 1998 Trek model, but there was a 1998 K2 Jetta with similar options and red stiching, the same golf ball shift knob as in the 1997 DE GTI, and matching side mirror covers. If you're looking for a sporty used MkIII Jetta 2.0L, the 1998 K2 is the best choice, then the 1997 Trek (but they're hard to find).
This isn't the best place for this post, but I had to respond about my own car.

Quote, originally posted by kitty »
to add a wee bit to the trek and K2 information...
treks were 96 and 97, 96's had flat seats and less options, as stated above. 97 they added the trek package to the golf model, and a few more options as well.
K2's were 97 and 98, and the same sort of idea. 97's had flat seats and less options, 98's they had big bolsters, alloys, smoked tails, skirts... a few other things.
VW is pretty bizarre about these sort of things.

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Re: The "Official" Golf / Jetta MK3 Forum FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ (nater)

Quote, originally posted by George »
The easiest way to remove DRL's (Daytime Running Lights), is to simply cut the wire for pin #15 (yellow wire).
edit: this is on the connector to the back of the headlight switch. If you don't want to cut it, simply cover the pin with electrical tape.


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Re: The "Official" Golf / Jetta MK3 Forum FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ (nater)

Quote, originally posted by 16vpower »
The easiest way to disconnet the day time running lights is to pull down the fuse box by pushing back the 2 white retainers on each side. then lifting the fuse box up and out of the way. then look behing the fuse box and youll see on single pin connector its a yellow wire just unplug it and no more Daytime running lights. it takes 15 minutes tops and is reversible at anytime by just plugging the wire back together. this is far better then any cutting.

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Re: The "Official" Golf / Jetta MK3 Forum FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ (nater)

Quote, originally posted by nikocb »
Air Condition Light
Pop off the climate control cover with a flathead
Pop off diffuser ring behing the word 'Air Condition'
Pull off tape behind 'Air Condition'
Put everything back
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